Amazing recessed lighting ideas for smart space utilization

Amazing recessed lighting ideas for smart space utilization

The most common myth associated with luxury lighting is that it’s just meant to brighten up palatial houses or large living spaces. We at The White Teak Company, make sure that luxury lighting is accessible by anybody regardless of the space their homes can offer. Our designs are highly versatile and we make sure they look as good in large living spaces as they do in compact spaces. Now, compact houses don’t have to cut down or neglect the need for an opulent touch that can be added by lighting fixtures.

From the exhaustive collection of The White Teak Company we bring to you the finest curation of lighting fixtures that can adorn and perfectly light up your compact spaces without occupying a lot of area. Smart space utilization requires a tedious planning process but we have made the entire process a piece of cake for you. Take a look…

Best recessed lighting designs for common spaces

Be it your living room or dining room or any significant common space of your home, the best primary source of lighting can be a ceiling light. Unlike chandeliers, you don’t have to be worried about the distance between the ceiling and the floor when you install a ceiling light. Our foremost recommendation is Social Life, one of our best selling pieces in the collection. Boasting a minimalist design and dimmable LED, this is a perfect addition to your space. You can complement the look with the most magnificent wall light from our collection, Meet and Greet.

Recessed lighting designs for functional spaces

For your functional spaces, we recommend going with a ceiling light with dimmable LED to adjust according to your requirements for the moment. The more versatile the lighting fixture is, the more functionality it brings to the table. Time Will Tell is one of our finest ceiling lights from the collection and can brighten up your functional space apart from lending a strong aura to the spot. Pair it up with a wall light, Addiction, to get the perfect illumination you require at the spot.

Recessed lighting for your moody personal spaces

Bedrooms are the most personal spaces in your homes and that’s where you begin and end your day and it is important to make sure that the lighting is not too loud and just enough for you to carry out your tasks with ease. Start off with a wall light, Take a Walk, that lends a sombre mood to your bedroom. If you still want a stronger source of light then consider going with Cover Girl, one of our most functional ceiling lights in the collection.


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