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Alienware Aurora 2019 Review – Is It Reliable For Gaming?

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Alienware’s new Aurora gaming laptop takes last year’s upbeat redesign of the company’s gaming machine. It turns eleven with features like liquid cooling and twin graphics processing units (GPUs). Before you even take a deep breath in the morning, the Alienware Aurora will have visited your dreams and begged to come home with you. Is it reasonable to purchase the Alienware Aurora? Is there a more robust and optimized desktop available? Learn more about Alienware Aurora 2019!

Evaluation Of The 2019 Alienware Aurora Computer

Miniature, liquid-cooled parts that need no tools to install. The new Alienware workhorse is sleeker and more portable than its predecessors, but it still has Alienware’s legendary gaming process. Hard drives, solid-state drives, or graphics cards are examples of non-hardware components that see widespread use. In addition to the unit’s other amenities, its attached garage and brand-new two-car garage include complete water coolers for radiators.

Technical Specifications Of The 2019 Alienware Aurora Desktop

Designed For Extreme Speeds

All cores of the available 9th generation processors may be overclocked at the factory on the Alienware Aurora, and the system was built to accommodate user-specified upgrades in general. Up to 32GB of DDR4 @ 3200MHz is supported with the Intel® Core i9-9900K CPU, which has eight overclocked cores. Single-threaded tasks may benefit from the 9900K’s ability to reach up to 5.0GHz in Turbo Boost speed.


The 2019 Alienware Aurora is a workhorse of a PC, and it provides exceptional performance for video games. One of the most powerful gaming PCs available for under $2,000, thanks to its brand-new, 3rd 6-core Intel Core i9 CPU & Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card.

The dual graphics arrangement allows you to play even the most demanding games at full tilt with plenty of frames per second. This also applies to 4K displays: Shadow of Mordor’s immersion was at its peak when we played it on a 4K display with Ultra settings and maximum frame rates.

Extremely Effective Mobile Networking

With the Killer 1535 and our ExtremeRangeTM Technology, you’ll perform better from further away, thanks to two additional 5GHz signal amplifiers. External Power Amplifier or the Low Noise Amplifier may help you get the most out of your WiFi connection by expanding its range and boosting its signal strength so that it can better penetrate obstructions and reach its intended destination immediately.

Game and other high-priority network traffic is prioritized and never needs to wait, thanks to the Killer E2500’s Lag & Latency Reduction Technology.

The Display Is 17 Inches In Size

The Alienware Aurora 2019 might be the perfect laptop for you if you’re a gamer. This mighty computer has a 17-inch display, twin 7950 GTX graphics, a full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad, and Windows 10 Home. As a bonus, it has Nvidia G-Sync and built-in eye tracking, making it a fantastic choice for gamers. Its display has an average amount of brightness and a low-ghosting coating.

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The 2019 Alienware Aurora has a 17-inch display and supports wireless peripherals for gamers. An Intel i5 CPU or an AMD RX 590 video card is included in the $899 Aurora laptop the business is also selling. The Area-51 Alienware PC is a step up in power, with a 1050 Ti graphics card or an Intel i7 processor.

Keyboard Docking Is Supported

The Alienware Aurora has a 19.5-inch wide display and an USB dock but takes up very little space on your desk. It comes in at around 6 pounds, making it a manageable weight for a desktop. Additionally, its small size makes it convenient to bring along on trips.

The Alienware Aurora has a new Legend Industrial Design, with flashy always-on lights and a distinctive center loop. The AlienFX RGB Led bulbs in this gaming rig bring out the PC’s dazzling color dynamism. Also, a simple side entry panel makes using the keyboard dock a breeze. There is a jack for headphones and a mic, too.

The new Alienware Aurora has no extra fat, and you can update its hardware without special tools. The Alienware Aurora has Alienware Command Center, which allows you to personalize the software to your specifications. You may make and modify games on your PC using this program. Along with playing, you may consult strategy manuals and talk to other players.

Thermostatically Warmed Personal Computer Controller

The new Aurora furthermore has a heat controller for adjusting the internal computer temperature. There are three modes available on the controller, Normal, Performance, or Overdrive. The Normal mode maintains a steady temperature within the computer, while the Performance & Overdrive modes let the user push the system to its limits in terms of performance.

The Concept For The 2019 Alienware Aurora

This year’s model of Alienware Aurora is one of their most stylish PCs, and it’s easy to understand why. Each part is encased in aluminum and fitted with see-through glass panels, creating a framed effect on all four sides.

The design is not only visually beautiful but also practical. High-end gaming PCs need effective heat dissipation, and the tempered glass screen provides this. Moreover, the layout facilitates access to and upgrades to the internal parts, which is essential to most PC gamers who like fiddling with their settings.


2019 sees revisions to the Alienware Aurora’s already impressive specifications. Find out all you need to know about it here. With 16GB DDR4-2666MHz RAM and a 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s HDD/SSD, an Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6GHz 8-Core processor, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6 Graphics Card, this computer is a powerhouse.

Because it’s a desktop, this computer may be updated. A mouse and keyboard are included with the package (not pictured). An Alienware Configuration Utility is pre-installed on the Aurora, letting you keep tabs on your PC’s components and adjust their temperatures, lights, and fans as needed.

Alienware Aurora 2019 Networking Choices

The Alienware Aurora 2019 is a high-end laptop designed for gamers. Its many available connections make it a good alternative for playing games online. An Ethernet port, a High-Definition Multimedia Interface connector, and an Audio-Output port are just some of the connection choices. With so many inputs, you can hook your laptop to everything from a TV to a game console to a radio. The two USB 3.0 ports on this laptop make it simple to transmit data to and from other devices.

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With the Alienware Aurora 2019, Alienware continues its tradition of producing high-quality hardware. The Alienware Graphics Amplifier boosts graphics to extreme levels, the ultrafast dual-band 802.11ac WiFi with MU-MIMO and up to 10GB per second upload and download speeds, the 360-degree camera, and the Dolby Atmos sound are just some of the jaw-dropping connectivity options included with this gaming laptop. With these options, you may play games as you wish and immerse yourself in the soundtrack.

Alienware Aurora 2019 Pricing and Availability

In 2019, Alienware released the Aurora, which can be purchased from several online shops, including Amazon and Dell. It goes for roughly $2,000 at most stores, although discounts do pop up sometimes. The Alienware Aurora, in sum, is a stylish and powerful gaming laptop with several valuable ports. Although it’s a touch costly, it’s unquestionably a good buy. You should consider purchasing this laptop if you are in the market for a high-quality device for online gaming requirements.

Why Should You Purchase An Alienware Aurora 2019 Gaming Computer?

The top-of-the-line enthusiast gaming PC from Alienware has just undergone a thorough makeover. The Aurora R13 is an improvement over its predecessor thanks to its updated exterior appearance and the inclusion of Intel’s latest 12th Generation “Alder Lake” CPUs. This is one of our first glances at Alder Lake, so we’re pleased to report that our review unit’s Core i9-12900K is competitive with and, in some situations, quicker than AMD’s Ryzen 9 counterpart. We added an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 GPU; you can imagine our lightning-fast results in benchmarks.

It is a pricey endeavor with these components. Still, plenty of less expensive configurations are available, making this an excellent choice for many plug-and-play-minded buyers looking for a bit of style and a lot of power. Alienware has adopted the Aurora aesthetic on many occasions since its 2019 makeover, most notably in an upgrade based on Ryzen processors released earlier this year. Thanks to this new model’s updated design and layout, it’s not only about the parts anymore.

Almost every surface of the R13’s housing has been updated for improved aesthetics. The overall form remains the same, but the front is now more refined thanks to the addition of a honeycomb screen and a transparent plastic layer around the ringed LED. With the new transparent case, the high-end Aurora build of your desktop now lives up to its name. The tower’s dimensions are 20 by eight by 23 inches, which is rather large (HWD). It’s not exactly light, coming between 27 and 34 pounds, depending on how you set it up.

The left-hand panel’s glass provides a clear view of the inside components and is perhaps the most noticeable (and appreciated) design improvement. Even the most advanced earlier Aurora PCs were completely encased in plastic. It was easy to differentiate them from a similar-priced boutique or do-it-yourself buildings with prominent windows designed to show off interiors. Even if the new Alienware’s plastic window and shell aren’t as sturdy as tempered glass or a metal chassis, they’re still a welcome improvement over previous models.

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Things We Liked

To win your next game of Fortnite, you need the Alienware Aurora 2019, a sleek and powerful gaming desktop. The LED lighting was our favorite part; we’d never seen a desktop setup like this. The only drawback of such a fantastic design is that it is not portable and won’t fit into a bag on the way to Call of Duty tournaments.

Although, if you are not short on room and want to further your gaming experience, the Alienware Aurora 2019 is a no-brainer purchase. It’s money well spent. Until then, we hope you liked our look at the Alienware Auror, one of the most popular PC gaming systems right now.

What We Disliked

It’s not inexpensive at $2,000. Those who want all the bells and whistles of a VR-ready computer will need to shell out a little more. Not a huge deal, but something to keep in mind if you’re trying to figure out whether it’s affordable. Finally, we like how Alienware’s mid-tower model handles component upgrades, but similarly, capable gaming desktops are available for less than half the price of an Aurora R7.

Parts of the Extraterrestrial Aurora

The parts of Alienware gaming PCs are top-notch. The Aurora 2019 was designed from the ground up for gaming and had nothing off the shelf. All models of Alienware Aurora gaming mouse share the following features: a high refresh rate (1000 HZ), wired/wireless functionality, a long battery life (typically up to 350 hours), a scroll wheel for fine-tuning, a precision sensor with a resolution of 16000 DPI, & seven programmable buttons.

Complete with detailed capabilities and requirements, the keyboard on the Alienware Aurora is top-notch. This gaming keyboard was designed for marathon sessions.

Have You Tried The Alienware Aurora?

OK, Googlers, here’s your most popular query: What’s the most outstanding gaming laptop—the Alienware Aurora? Thus, the short answer is yes! This is because it meets all the requirements for running demanding games.

However, if we get to the crux of the matter, does Alienware aurora work for you? Because the price tag is a significant setback for the Alienware aurora line. You may feel weighed down by the cost of the 2019 Aurora if your finances prevent you from purchasing one. Consequently, competitive gamers should use these computers or desktops.


Given the above, it should be no surprise that Alienware Aurora 2019 is a top contender for high-end gaming desktops. We looked into and evaluated at least 25 different gaming PCs, and this one emerged as the clear winner based on user feedback and preferences. It’s also among the cheapest PCs that can provide a top-tier gaming experience without breaking the bank. Here, we provide our take on things based on what we learned from experts and what we found in our investigation. From here on out, the choice is entirely yours to make. If your needs are satisfied, this computer desk is a good choice.


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