Find out which is the best olive oil to choose

Find out which is the best olive oil to choose

In many products, olive oil is present. And choosing the best not only makes a total difference in taste but also impacts health.

Discover the main details about what is considered the best extra virgin olive oil in the world, the famous Laudemio Frescobaldi olive oil. Find out why it is considered the best in the world.

How is Laudemio olive oil made?

The olive oil that Laudemio produces is made in a strict way and with an extremely rigorous quality inspection, so that a high level of quality is maintained.

It is cultivated 300 hectares of olives and has two types of altitudes, 200 and 500 meters. That is, a large area all worked to have excellent quality in production.

The terroir layers and the microclimate allow olive trees to produce some of the most unique fruits due to the intensity of their nutritional and organoleptic values.

The harvest is also something very important, it is done in October, never being done in November. The olives are harvested at the beginning of maturation, which ensures that they capture the emerald green color and fresh flavors.

Grinding is done right after harvesting. All these details end up resulting in the final product that is already well known: perfect acidity, a great aromatic profile and numerous health properties.

To ensure that only the best olive oil is harvested, 20 filters are used, which is a differentiator from other processes that use only one filter in production.

Finally, only the best olive oils are selected to be marketed as Laudemio Frescobaldi. All so you can be sure of choosing the best olive oil in the world.

Why choosing Laudemio is a good choice?

In addition to all these details that Laudemio has in relation to the process, from planting to the selection of the best products, other factors make its products a great differential.

Are 30 generations that combine tradition, experience and innovation with creativity and the search for excellence. Seeking to have sustainable cultivation of the land so that the best products are delivered to its customers.

It is always expanding. Always promoting the Tuscan culture through the family property, through their valorization projects. As a result, it is always innovating and improving its processes with each generation.

The guarantee is that you are using a product that has been tested by a consortium of 20 products that analyze all the high standard requirements of extra virgin olive oil.

It is processes, traditions and all the care that make this brand a great success and always carrying a product that is certainly a differential in many homes and establishments. Surely when comparing, you will notice the big difference of this brand.