Best European Cities For Solo Travel

Best European Cities For Solo Travel

Solo travel is becoming more popular in recent years. More people are adopting traveling alone around the world as a way to achieve their travel adventures. There are various reasons why you should take on a solo trip to Europe. You can save money and avoid stress when traveling alone. You also have the best opportunity to make new acquaintances along the journey.

So, after deciding to travel alone this season, you need to create a bucket list of the best destinations you should try. We all agree that Europe has a lot to offer to world tourists, and you want the best of the best. It is not possible to travel to all the cities at once. Therefore, you have to understand various places to make informed decisions on the next city to land.

With a diverse range of cultures, climate, physical features, foods, and everything to try out, it might be hard to pick a place to visit first. That is why we have this detailed guide for you to visit the best destinations. Try out these best cities in Europe on your next solo adventure.

1. Reykjavík, Iceland

You might have already heard about Iceland so many times. But I could not afford to ignore it. Iceland is a popular destination because it is the world’s safest country. Everybody would want to visit it. It means that visiting Iceland will bring you the joy of meeting other solo travelers while feeling at home amongst strangers from across the globe.

But why Reykjavik? Firstly, the city is the capital of Iceland. Your trips to the country would start here. The beauty of the city and the entire country is a breathtaking experience. While in Reykjavik, you will also have full access to the cell network. You will have little to worry about getting lost or disconnected when out hiking or camping.

2. Sørkjosen, Norway

This destination might not be a big city, but solo travelers would not mind experiencing life in the outskirts and the remote towns. Sørkjosen is a popular destination among mountain bikers due to its proximity to Lyngenfjord. You can use your bike carrier for ute to carry along your mountain bike for some of the best world-experience trails.

International visitors can land in Tromsø, where you can take a bus to Sørkjosen. While at the trails, do not forget to visit the Blåvatnet. This lake gets a continuous supply of water from the melting snow on the Lyngen Alps. You can also board a riverboat and check out the Mollis Fossen Waterfall, the most stunning waterfall in Northern Norway.

3. London, UK

Nobody can object that London is one of the world’s top travel destinations. The city hosts people from diverse cultures, foods of various origins, and so much to experience. There are museums, parks, monuments, and libraries. Oh, and Buckingham Palace.

Whatever adventure you want to experience in Europe is available right in the midst of the city. But be ready to meet some disappointment. This city is not the best destination for people who are traveling on a budget.

However, there are still a lot of things you can do on a budget or for free. For instance, there are free-entry museums across the city and more affordable foods in the markets. Such activities can save you some pounds while giving you the best European experience of your time.

4. Berlin, Germany

You cannot exploit Europe and its amazing places and skip Germany. Over many decades, if not centuries, Berlin has held a history that is relevant to date. Berlin is an ideal destination for both solo foodies and people looking forward to experiencing new cultures.

In the heart of the city is Museum Island, a host of five museums. You will learn history and experience Germany’s culture. Experience Germany back in time while staying up-to-date with the current affairs in the city, all blended into the unified history. While in Berlin, remember to go shopping. The retail centers in Berlin offer some of the best shopping experiences in Europe.

5. Kiruna, Sweden

While Stockholm has everything to experience as a solo traveler, you cannot miss the Northern Lights while traveling Europe. Kiruna is the northernmost city in Sweden, where you can visit from September through April for the aurora lights. There are also other amazing things to experience in this town. The midnight summer sun is one of the things you would not want to miss. Here, you will also explore the arctic tundra, a rare kind of landscape and vegetation.


Europe has so much to offer its visitors. Traveling alone can be challenging for some people, but it also opens doors to experience things that could be impossible or troublesome when traveling in groups. You can pick among the many welcoming cities to visitors who prefer traveling solo and experiencing life to the fullest. Remember that the best experiences also require you to take the highest risks and try the extremes.

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