7 Reasons Why Should You Buy Huawei Watches

7 Reasons Why Should You Buy Huawei Watches

Smartwatches are one of the most popular wearables today, and the market is filled with them. Since the first Huawei watches launched back in 2015, this Chinese manufacturer has worked on its wearable strengths— long battery life, dependable fitness tracking, and minimalist designs- to become one of the best smartwatches in the market.

Huawei watches offer great value for money. They’re stylish and innovative, and if you’re in the market for smartwatches that don’t cost an arm and a leg, you may want to check them out. Here are seven reasons why Huawei watches are suitable for you.

1. Fitness and Health

Huawei’s smartphone sector may be past its prime, but this company’s wearable line is as strong as ever. Huawei watches are valuable tools that help track your fitness and health. Their wide range of watches can perform several tracking features.

The HUAWEI Watch 3 pro can detect your skin temperature to allow you to keep track of your health and take care of yourself in the best way. Even in high-altitude, low-temperature conditions, it can also accurately read your blood oxygen content.

HUAWEI Watch 3 pro

Huawei watches are also able to track your fitness accurately. The latest models feature a 100+ workout mode and 19 pro modes for indoor and outdoor sports. 

You’ll also get to see your health data more clearly and in-depth, thanks to the accompanying Huawei Health app on your phone. They are also equipped with pedometers that help count your steps, ECG monitors, and sleep monitors.

2. Location Tracker for Phone and Keys

Huawei watches are equipped with the “Find Your Phone” feature if you ever lose your phone and can’t find it. If your phone and watch are within the Bluetooth connection range, your smartphone will play a ringtone at full volume to help you know its whereabouts. 

To use your Huawei smartwatch to find your keys, all you need to do is attach a unique key finder fob on your keys, link it to your phone and smartwatch, and voila! You can locate your keys anytime.

Find Your Phone

So, next time you’re running late for a meeting or to a function, and you suddenly can find your phone or keys— we’ve all been through this at some point. Just activate the “Find Your Phone” feature in your Huawei watch and quickly find your phone and keys in seconds.

3. Play Music without Your Phone

With Huawei smartwatches, you can conveniently play music with or without your phone. In the past, smartwatch users could only play music on their smartwatch by connecting it to their phone and selecting music from the music catalog on the phone.

However, with Huawei watches, a feature allows users to play music without being directly connected to a phone. All you need is a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, and you can download music directly on your smartwatch and play it with ease.

4. The Power Navigation Is Now In Your Hands

Holding your phone up to check for directions while you’re driving, walking, or cycling is a bit cumbersome. It’s illegal in many places and means that your attention is divided. With a smartwatch, you eliminate any potential dangers of divided attention. 

You also get the directions much easier by simply looking at your wrist. Huawei watches also have a feature where you receive vibrations that tell you whether to turn left or right.

5. Make and Receive Calls from your Huawei Watch

Because your smartwatch is connected to your phone, you can also make and receive calls from your smartwatch instead of taking your phone out for every single call.

Newer Huawei watches can also make calls without being connected to your phone. Some of the models have a sim card slot, which allows users to make and receive calls from the comfort of their smartwatch.

Huawei Watch

This is also the case when it comes to your notifications. Huawei watches offer you the ease of accessing your phone’s notifications from the comfort of your wrists. 

Social media notifications app notifications and messages can be easily accessible once you connect them to your smartphone. A Huawei watch allows you to stay up to date with a simple flick of the wrist.

6. Fall Detection and Emergency Call Features

Huawei smartwatches now have a drop sensor that detects any falls. With these features, users can get the necessary help when they fall since it sounds an alarm immediately to the user. 

If they fail to respond to the alarm within a short period, the smartwatch will immediately reach the user’s emergency contact for help. This feature is handy for the elderly, who are more susceptible to falls.

7. Fashionable Design

Apart from having the tons of features mentioned above, Huawei smartwatches are also statement pieces. These fashionable pieces of wearable tech add a touch of class and sophistication to the wearer’s appearance. 

These watches are often sleek and futuristic-looking. Owning one will greatly complement other more traditional jewelry and accessories. You can also change the bands to Huawei watches depending on your mood and preferences.


Ultimately, Huawei smartwatches are essentially like smartphones or smartphone extensions. The fact that they’re strapped to your wrist makes them easily accessible if you need to make a call or view a notification. Huawei has some pretty great watches, particularly the HUAWEI Watch 3 pro, and if you are looking for a new watch, give it a try.

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