What You Must Know about Stolen Social Security Card in 2021

What You Must Know about Stolen Social Security Card in 2021

People use their Social Security (SS) card most of the time, be it at the bank, a doctor’s clinic, and even for applying for government grants and filing taxes. You will also need a Social Security number (SSN) if you are applying for any job or opening a credit card account. All this means that the SS card is your identity and you need to protect the same from being stolen. 

According to an article published in Forbes, you need to learn to say no when asked for your SSN by unauthorized people. That is because SS is the primary way to steal your personal information in the United States. In this article, you will learn about the things when your card is stolen or lost. Read on to learn more. 

How criminals use your stolen Social Security card?

Identity thieves could use your SSN to opt for additional credit using your name and details. They will use the money and never make any payments for the bills. Scammers will never pay, use the funds, and damage your credit in the process. It means you will receive phone calls from unknown credit asking for payment for products you never purchased in the first place. The cybercriminals might also put your SSN on the dark web to sell to other fraudsters out there. It is a dangerous scenario and therefore, you need to protect your SSN with identity guard solutions. 

Report to the police immediately when your card is stolen 

When your SSN is stolen, you must report the incident to the US police right away as well as the Social Security Administration. Their number is toll-free and you need to call 1-800-772-1213. The authorities must know about it quickly so that your info isn’t compromised further. You will also need to a couple of other things to alleviate the risks of using your SSN by crooks and ensure the use of IG tools to protect your confidential information or data. 

Tips to protect your identity when your SS card is stolen

There are many ways to reduce the risks associated with stolen cards. These include: 

Initiate a fraud alert: You need to get in touch with the three credit bureaus such as Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian to initiate a fraud alert on your respective credit file. You should also start a credit freeze. Though a credit freeze may not avert all identity thefts, the process will notify you for transactions you did not make or authorize someone to do. It means opening a credit card account. With a freeze in place and once you get an alert; you can report such fraudulent activities instantly to creditors. 

Choose an identity-theft guard service: When you opt for such a service, your identity and track credit info monitored by experts round the clock. You need to understand how the process works before choosing such services. 

Analyze your financial statements: Make the best use of credit tracking tools to monitor your bank and credit card activity. If you notice anything suspicious, review your credit and financial reports. 


Reach out to the right professionals and use the right IG tools if your SSN is stolen. Take the right steps to protect your personal information.

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