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What takes it to a website to do?

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The costs of having a website built vary widely. Sometimes it’s like the Wild West: every website builder shoots with different prices. You feel there is no line at all in the prices, but if you look into it you will recognize the differences.

What does it cost to create a website?

The cost of a website building is very diverse in the web building world.. With no web builder, you will get exactly the same for the exact same prices. It is therefore very important to think carefully about what you want with a website at the front. Do you only want one page with a story about what you do, do you want an online blog or are you looking for a webshop for your products?

A simple website can be built via platforms such as WordPress yourself via a standard theme, but for a few hundred euros a WordPress builder can also run it in the same way. However, is that what you want, a website that is not unique and is the same as all those other WordPress websites? Would you rather have a unique website that strengthens your brand, makes your company successful online, and offers the functionalities and links you need? Then your investment will be higher, but so will the return!

What are the costs for a site to build specifically?

As we have just indicated, the prices for building a website vary widely. If you request quotes from different parties, you will see how many differences there actually are. This is not only about the prices, but also about the quality and what you get for your investment. The cost of a website depends on a number of factors, such as:

With or without CMS

  • How many pages
  • Standard template or customization
  • What functionalities does the website need
  • Can buy products via the website
  • Possible links with external systems
  • What is the hourly rate of the website builder

What does a responsive website cost with an aleph website?

A  responsive website has become indispensable with the advent of the smartphone. A website should not only be suitable for the desktop format, but also for that small mobile screen. Responsive means that the website automatically scales with the available screen size.

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If you come across a builder that doesn’t include responsive design by default, then you’re really in the wrong builder. More than 90% of the Dutch population has a smartphone and uses it to surf the internet. Then it cannot be the case that your website does not work for all these users?

Responsiveness is therefore self-evident and will in almost all cases be included in the price. Always ask about it when receiving a quote, so that you are not faced with surprises afterward.

Monthly costs for a website

In addition to developing a website, you always have monthly recurring costs. The monthly cost for a website includes the cost of the hosting and the domain name. The domain name is the web address of your website, so with us code 14.nl. You must claim this domain name because only one domain name is unique. Simply put, the hosting ensures that your website is up and running. The website runs on a server and of course, you have to pay for that server space.

The monthly costs for a website depending on where you buy the domain and where you purchase the hosting. Not entirely unimportant, because the hosting provider determines how fast your website loads. Does it matter whether your website loads within 1 second or within 4 seconds? Doesn’t seem like much time, but it is. Google looks at these loading times, among other things. Google ranks your website better in its search engine if the loading time is faster. But the user also finds speed important. After waiting three seconds, 40% of users leave your website.

When choosing the hosting provider, you should therefore pay close attention to the speed, but also the service they offer. The uptime is also not entirely unimportant. The uptime indicates the percentage of the website’s accessibility. Every server sometimes has a problem, causing websites to be taken down. However, this does not happen often with good servers. The uptime percentage must therefore be high.

Depending on the hosting provider and the extras that you may be going to purchase, you pay on average around a tenner per month for just the hosting and the domain.

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Maintenance of a website

In addition to the monthly costs for hosting and the domain name, you often pay a monthly fee for maintenance. Every platform must stay updated to keep up with the latest demands and developments of the world wide web. The website builder can do this for you. You pay a monthly fee for this. That amount depends entirely on the size of your website and how it is built.

How much does a website with CMS cost?

Just like a responsive web design, a CMS is also very common nowadays. Most companies want to be able to adjust texts themselves or, for example, add news items. Because the web builder no longer has to do that, but you can do it yourself, you save a lot of costs. A CMS is therefore very useful in many cases, but not everywhere. Do you want a 1-page website with only your contact details, for example? Or do you have no intention at all to constantly adjust your website and do you just want a simple website that you never have to look at again? Then a CMS is superfluous and even very expensive in comparison.

There is no fixed price tag for a CMS, because the CMS is included in a quotation as standard with the more extensive websites. In fact, a CMS is never described separately in quotations. Most web builders will advise you up front about whether or not to use a CMS and base the price on that. A website with CMS often costs  2,500  euros or more (depending on your other wishes and requirements).

Cost of a website

Now that you know all this, you probably also want an indication of the prices you can expect.

  1. Free (or for a few tens)

We have already briefly touched on the option: you can build a website yourself via a number of platforms such as WordPress. That’s free in many cases, but you may need to buy a theme or plugin. They usually don’t cost more than a few bucks.

  1. A few hundred euros

Don’t want to build a website yourself, but do you want to build a website online as cheaply as possible? For a few hundred euros, a WordPress builder will set up a standard template for you in which you can insert your texts and images yourself. You then have no unique website and no functionalities of your own.

  1. Up to about 2,500 $
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No super standard template but an okay design and good user-friendliness? Then there are a lot of web designers who can develop a beautiful and user-friendly WordPress website for you for 2,500 $.

  1. Up to about 5,000 $

Yes, now you’re getting closer to that customization! Your company is also not standard, right? Why choose a standard on the internet? After all, it is your business card. Up to about 5,000 $ you already have a unique web design. Specialists will work for you to ensure that your website is properly put together. As a result, the website often also has a longer lifespan than with the above options.

  1. Customization

Are you really going for full customization with special functionalities or links with other software systems? Then you can make it as crazy as you want. There are known websites that have cost more than a ton.

Cost of a website make do with CODE14

The above also applies to us. The costs of having a website developed depend on your wishes and requirements. We build everything from scratch, work on a transparent hourly basis, and only develop custom work. So if you are looking for a simple WordPress website, then we are not the right party. Are you looking for a unique platform that will yield returns and can even be linked to your internal systems and software? Then we are your partner!


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