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What is Postnatal Physiotherapy and How Can it Help Mothers?

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Pregnancy and delivery may bring immense joy but also difficulty in your body. Simple workouts and healthy eating habits can help you overcome many of your body’s changes. It can also assist in the future to reduce injuries and issues.

Post-delivery exercises are especially performed after birth to assist you in returning to a healthy lifestyle. They are also an excellent method to minimize any post-work problems such as back discomfort, pelvic pain, and overall birth weakness. 

It is recommended to visit a clinic for postnatal physiotherapy in Calgary where they provide you the medical specialists with a comprehensive examination and physiotherapy plan to continue your child’s healthy lifestyle. A physiotherapy program must be adapted to meet your needs to make sure the activities are safe and effective.

When to start postnatal exercises

Gentle activity (like walking) can typically be resumed as soon as the mother feels comfortable. Begin whenever you feel ready. Certain ladies will feel able to begin exercising sooner. Consult your physician to determine the best time to start your exercise routine.

After six weeks, most of the changes that occur throughout pregnancy will have been resolved. If you gave birth by C-Section or had complications, this could take a little longer before you feel ready to begin exercising. If you did not practice during your pregnancy, start with basic workouts, and gradually progress to more difficult ones.

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Keep your lower spine and lower abdominal muscles weaker than before. Seek advice from a reputable spine and joint center. If you need to schedule an appointment, consultation, or procedure, they can help. If things don’t improve after a while, they also specialize in offering physical therapy. Your tendons and joints are also softer and folding so that you can harm yourself too much by stretching or twisting. Avoid high-impact exercises or sports requiring a quick change of direction.

What are the benefits of post-natal exercise? 

Several benefits of post-natal exercise may be demonstrated by following a physiotherapist-designed individualized fitness program at The Port Physiotherapy and Massage. Among them are the following:

  • Increased pelvic floor muscular strength 
  • Quicker return to regular daily living activities
  • Tighter stomach muscles 
  • Return to your natural body shape 
  • Improved posture 
  • Less possibility of back discomfort 

Following a C-Section, it may take six to twelve weeks for the body to heal – avoid intense exercise for the first six weeks and gradually increase as tolerated. If you are fatigued or have aches and pains in your body, you should rest. Carry out the activities in this booklet as soon as possible, which is often on day three. If you experience pain, come to a halt. A regular stroll is an excellent method to unwind and improve fitness from the first week. 

Begin with small distances (10 minutes) on level ground and gradually increase length and difficulty as desired. While light chores like cooking and cleaning are acceptable during the first six weeks, avoid vacuuming and carrying anything heavier than your infant.

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Generally, any lifting that requires holding one’s breath indicates that the load is excessively heavy. Driving may be considered safe if you can abruptly halt, shift your feet between pedals, and look over your shoulder without experiencing pain. However, some vehicle insurance companies will not cover you during the first six weeks following abdominal surgery; thus, call and verify before driving.

Breastfeeding and exercise

Exercise, whether intense or regular, has been found to have no harmful effect on a mother’s capacity to breastfeed properly if hydration and calorie intake are maintained. However, some evidence indicates that high-intensity physical exercise may cause lactic acid to build in breast milk, imparting a sour flavor that a newborn may dislike. 

If you’re nursing, you may avoid this possible issue by limiting your physical activity to low- to moderate-intensity and consuming enough fluids during and after your activity.

Pelvic floor

Pregnancy and delivery may have a detrimental effect on the pelvic floor. Most pregnant women are given exercises to cure pelvic girdle pain that is critical to master and may be continued soon after delivery. If you gave birth vaginally, you need to wait two days to begin. If you had a cesarean section, it is recommended that you wait five days.

Conclusion: Healthy habits after pregnancy

Developing good behaviors following pregnancy will assist you in avoiding unpleasant complications associated with delivery, such as decreased bladder control.

These are the key habits to develop:

    • Exercise — walk every day and perform pelvic floor and core exercises daily.
    • Healthy bladder practices — drink lots of water and pee only.
  • When your bladder feels full, consume a variety of foods high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables.
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