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Top 09 Health Benefits of Coffee

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages, which is consumed by millions of people globally. Given its nutritional benefits and the higher degree of antioxidants, it is incredibly healthy. Several studies prove that regular coffee consumption can lower the risk of the development of many serious disorders.

Here, in this article, we will look at some of the prevalent health benefits of coffee. 

Coffee can help you burn fat.

‘I have been obese all my life. So, I was looking for some fat-burning or weight loss supplements. While I was browsing through the labels of a few of them, I noticed that most of them have caffeine in them. Upon speaking to my nutritionist, I found out that caffeine helps burn body fat,’ shares Jassy, an online AP chemistry tutor. 

Well, yes, caffeine is one of the natural substances, which has excellent fat-burning abilities. It can boost your metabolism and increase your body’s fat-burning ability by ten percent in fat people and twenty-nine percent in lean people.

However, if you have been a long-term caffeine drinker, the results may diminish over time. 

Coffee lowers your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

Approximately two-thirds of American people with Alzheimer’s disease are females. However, consuming only two cups of coffee every day can offer significant protection against the disease. Studies have proven women over the age of 65 who are regular coffee drinks (consume 2/3 cups every day) are less susceptible to developing dementia. 

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Coffee lowers your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes

Coffee consumption is also known to lower the chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Studies have proven that the likelihood of developing Diabetes reduced by six percent for every per day per cup increase in coffee consumption. It is possibly because of the anti-inflammatory and the antioxidative effects of coffee. It is also because coffee helps the body process glucose or sugar better. 

‘I am the only member in my paternal family who consumes coffee. Guess what? I am the only one who does not have Diabetes out of all five of my siblings,’ shares Rosy, an associate who offers online ‘take my online class for me’ services. 

Coffee helps keep your liver healthy

A study performed by Italian researchers concluded that coffee consumption reduces liver cancer risk by approximately forty percent. Further, for coffee drinkers who drink three or more coffee cups, the risk is lowered by fifty percent.

Many researchers even suggest that coffee intake lowers the risk of liver cancer, cirrhosis, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. People who regularly drink coffee also have a reduced risk of developing gallstone disease.

A study even suggested a direct link between the reduced risk of dying from nonviral hepatitis-related cirrhosis and coffee consumption. If you drink two or more than two coffee cups in a day, the risk of cirrhosis is lowered by sixty-six percent. 

Coffee boosts your memory

‘Back in my school days, I remember my teacher always suggested us to drink coffee while studying for exams. She said coffee would not only keep you awake but also help you memorize whatever you read,’ shares Chris, who offers online assignment help services.

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Well, there is an actual study that backs what Chris has just stated above. The Radiological Society of North America performed a study that proves that people who consume two cups of coffee every day can accentuate their short-term memory. This happens because caffeine directly elevates your brain function. 

Caffeine betters your physical performance

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, which triggers the body’s fat cells to break down your body fat. Simultaneously, it also increases the body’s adrenaline or epinephrine levels. This is a fight-or-flight-or-freeze hormone. The hormone prepares the body to participate in excruciating physical exertion. 

When caffeine breaks down the body fat, the body gets three fatty acids, which can be used it as fuel. Thus, caffeine helps in bettering your physical performance by approximately eleven to twelve percent. This is why a cup of black coffee is considered one of the best pre-workouts.  

Coffee makes the DNA stronger

The dark roast coffee lowers the chances of the break-up in the DNA strand. The breakage and repair happen naturally. However, at times, the cell does not repair the breakage. If the breakage does not occur in time, it can lead to tumours or cancer. 

Coffee betters your heart health

A general study concluded that coffee consumption in a moderate quantity, that is, about two, eight-ounce servings in a day, can lower your risk of heart failure. 

In people who drink coffee in moderate quantities, the risk decreases by approximately eleven percent, as opposed to the people who are not coffee drinkers. Caffeine consumption has a positive impact on your blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

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However, please remember moderation is the keyword here. 

Coffee lowers your chances of developing colon cancer.

Everyone in twenty-three women develops colon cancer. However, in regular coffee drinkers, normal or decaf, this risk is lowered by twenty-six percent.

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