What Are Headband Wigs & Some Tips To Wear it?

What Are Headband Wigs & Some Tips To Wear it?

The headband wig is a new style wig, you can see that people wear it all over youtube or other channels, it is easy to put on and remove, it is made from a piece of material similar to just a headband, If you look closely, you will see only a small lump.

The back of the lace rotates inside the headband like a regular hat construction, it has three kings, one on the right, one on the left, and one on the back to help you not feel like it slips.

How to wear Headband Wigs?

Headband wigs are friendly for beginners, with no lace glue. You can toss it on your head and go in seconds.

Some tips you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

  • Brush the hair back and keep the baby’s hair

Brush all your hair back and do not part your hair. It will look better. You can use a small brush to add some of your real hair to make it look more natural.

  • Place on the wig and use a velcro tight wig

Throw the headband wig straight over your head and pull the front comb up. Take the headband and use velcro to tighten the wig, also make sure the bottom comb is attached. Once you use the Velcro headband section, it feels like it’s not going anywhere or you won’t worry about it falling off.

  • Put a headband on top and make it stylish

You can choose the headband of your choice in summer, put it in a ponytail and choose a colorful headband. If you want to keep your wig stable, choose a wider headband to make it more secure; this can also help you hide the black headband.

The difference between a headband wig and a regular lace wig?

The cheap human hair wigs are an essential part of your daily life. There are some differences between a headband wig and a formal lace wig.

1. Install

Headbands are easy to put on, throw them on your head to secure the band behind your ears and go away in seconds, no glue lace, easy to adjust, just use velcro. Regular lace wigs require glue and cut lace, some different steps to keep it on your head, and when you want to adjust it, you need to take it off and brush your hairline again. If needed, then use glue to adjust. Regular lace wigs are considered more complex than headband wigs. Headbands are friendly to beginners.


Headband wigs allow you to show off your hairline, you can only use your hairline when you wear a headband wig. There are three hairstyles to choose from in a regular wig: pre-plucked hairline, natural hairline, and widow’s braid. You can choose the hairstyle of your choice, and you don’t have to deal with your hairline. Regular wigs give you more options for a hairline. Headband wigs let your scalp breathe and give you a natural view of your hairline.

Tips for wearing a headband wig naturally

Sometimes the shape of your face affects the effects of the headband wig. Part of being natural with your headband wig is knowing how to keep the headband with different facial shapes.

  • If you wear a headband wig, if your face is oval, do not push the headband too far back as it goes almost up to the elliptical face of your head and falls from the waist, which will make you will get a little weird, so keep it around your hairline, it will be nice, stable and natural.
  • If your face is long, when you wear a headband wig, you can choose curly or woven, even if you can choose a headband wig that includes bangs. Wearing a wide headband will look more natural.
  • If your face has a round shape, the best length of headband wig is 20 inches or longer, to make the face look longer.


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