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How to Get the Best Deal on a Wholesale Loose Diamond in Carrollton

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Many people spend weeks or even months searching for the perfect diamond, hoping to locate the right diamond that would symbolize their devotion for their loved one. However, finding the ideal diamond might be more challenging than you would imagine. The best dealers in wholesale loose diamonds in Carrollton, will help you with every step.

1. What is a loose diamond?

When people talk about a “loose diamond,” they typically imply a polished and cut diamond. From the raw diamond that is extracted from the ground, the final result is a loose diamond. 

A loose diamond is one that has not yet been set into a ring, necklace, or pair of earrings, but is available for purchase for immediate mounting. Some clients choose to keep loose diamonds in a vault as an investment.

You may examine the diamond’s carat, cut, depth, color, and clarity (the “4 C’s”) in great detail when you hold a loose stone in your hands. A diamond can only be certified by the main evaluation firms if it is not mounted.

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2. How are loose diamonds graded in Carrollton?

When a diamond is “certified,” it has been examined by a third-party gemology lab and found to meet certain standards. The gem lab will use a machine called a Sarin to accurately measure the diamond’s width, length, table size, girdle size, and any and all angles generated by the cutter. 

An expert gemologist in Carrollton will next evaluate the diamond and give it a grade based on its cut, clarity, and color. Keep in mind that no machine or instrument can definitively determine a diamond’s color or clarity for you, so this phase in the process is completely subjective.

Grading the Color

Identifying a diamond’s color grade requires comparing it to a standard set of stones whose colors have already been established. The gemologist will next assign a color using a combination of the gem’s closeness to the control group and his or her own knowledge and expertise.

Grading the Cut

The GIA assigns a cut grade (from Excellent to Poor) based on seven criteria for a round brilliant diamond: brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry.

Grading the Clarity

The diamond’s clarity is measured by counting and measuring the number, size, and placement of any inclusions found inside the stone. When determining a stone’s clarity grade, a great deal of weight is put on the gemologist’s own expertise and understanding of the various clarity scales.

Grading the Carat

One carat is equal to 0.2 grams, around the weight of a paperclip, and is the standard unit of measurement for diamonds in the trade. A diamond’s carat weight is measured on a very precise electronic scale and rounded to the closest 100th of a carat.

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3. What is the difference between a certified and non-certified loose diamond?

Certified diamonds, in a sense, are diamonds that have been examined and deemed to be of high quality by a third-party grading lab, and which come with a separate certificate and identifying number. There are certified diamonds that have their identification number laser engraved so you know they are genuine.

A store selling a diamond that has not been verified by a third-party organization may only make educated guesses about the stone’s quality. Non-certified stones may include the store making educated guesses about the stone’s clarity, color, carat weight, and cut.

4. What are the benefits of buying a loose diamond?

  • They are more valuable as time passes

Loose diamonds that have been certified tend to retain their worth for a longer period of time than those that have been set into jewelry such as rings or other ornaments. Even though diamond prices fluctuate over time, certified stones will always be more valuable.

  • Easier to inspect for inclusions

Diamonds may be difficult to check for faults or inclusions if you are not a skilled jewelry grader, particularly if the diamond has been set into a piece of jewelry. Setting defects might be obscured by the metal prongs.

  • High-quality certified loose diamonds are more widely available and may be selected from a wider range of options.

Carrollton is a great place to shop for diamonds since you can usually find a wide variety of certified loose diamonds to choose from.

5. How do I choose the right loose diamond?

To get the best diamond, you need to know what to look for. Having a firm grasp of the 4 Cs (color, clarity, cut, and carat) can make your diamond shopping experience much more efficient. The Gemological Institute of America developed the “4 Cs” as a universally applicable set of criteria for defining diamonds (GIA).

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It is also great if you go to a certified GIA jeweler in Carrollton that specializes in selling GIA diamonds so you know that you get what you pay for.

Shop for the Best Deals on Loose Diamonds in Carrollton

Some first-time purchasers worry that purchasing a loose diamond would be too much hassle, but this is not the case. Reliable sources of loose diamonds will make the transaction simple. The top Carrollton diamond shops will assist you through every step of the process, from selecting the diamond to having it set and delivered to your home.

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