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Top 6 Things to Consider when Choosing a VMS for a Camera System

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First, you should understand What is a VMS? It stands for Video Management System or sometimes Video Management Software. VMS is responsible to attach all the surveillance cameras and other security-related hardware to one interface for efficient management. It’s very flexible and might be customized to one’s needs and scale.

VMS camera bridging allows to look at, record, and analyze real-time footage of multiple cameras on one screen and alerts the user just in case of any threat with timely notifications. It does many alternative things including providing the user with an interface to look at both live and recorded video, and sometimes storing the footage too.

Constituents of a VMS

  • Cameras – This includes a large form whether it’s an IP or an analog camera. Users can select from a large range of Pan, Tilt, and Zoom, infrared, bullet, dome cameras, etc.
  • Web/Mobile Application – This is often where the user accesses the data. It is installed on a computer on-site or on a mobile or tablet.
  • Connected Devices – Other devices like motion sensors, access control panels, handheld devices, etc.
  • Storage Unit – This can be where the information is stored. It may be on-site drives or cloud storage.

Security concerns are solved by an advanced VMS

  • Vandalism detection
  • Incorporating handled devices
  • Camera tempering
  • Theft protection
  • Data security

Let’s have a look at some considerations things to choose the right VMS for your CCTV system:

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Cloud capabilities

An advanced Video Management System also allows cloud connectivity. Less equipment makes this technique more desirable among users. It provides expandable space for storing with no hassle.


Cloud storage is preferable to storing video locally because it protects users from the loss of footage thanks to damage or theft of their recorders. It also provides users with additional flexibility to alter the quantity of storage and features they require as their needs change.

If you are doing like better to keep company with a cloud-hosted VMS then it’s also important to think about the value of storing the footage. Storage pricing can vary quite dramatically betting on the cloud provider.

Smart Access

Using traditional systems one has got to undergo the whole recording to seek out a selected part. For users using VMS, it’s easier to search out specific segments because it has various advanced search options. One can search using date, time, or any motion within the footage. Users may bookmark and label specific videos or their segments to review them later. VMS also provides the convenience of remote access where the info is accessed from any part of the globe until and unless you’ve got an online connection.


Thinking about the features that you just require from a VMS is vital, leading VMSs like Milestone and Genetec have the advantages of all the bells and whistles, but really, you’ll pay considerably more for specialist features that will go unused. A lightweight VMS that’s offered by most Cloud Video surveillance as a service providers often satisfy the wants of most.

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As an example, A VMS camera bridging platform provides an array of features including detecting objects and allowing users to line customizable alerts. It also offers smart-search functionality that produces it easy to be alerted & to search out the foremost relevant footage. It provides the power to remotely control cameras, with features like PTZ and alter motion detection sensitivity and zones.


Nowadays, Video Management System supports a large range of hardware and servers. This is connected in large numbers too. VMS may be customized in keeping with the changing needs of the patron and is additionally proved to be very beneficial within the case of scaling the enterprise. These are adaptive to a good range of combinations.

Licensing costs

The other cost that you simply must consider before purchasing a VMS for your security cameras is the cost of licensing. Traditional VMSs like Milestone or Genetec often require an upscale license per user.

However, with a cloud VMS, you pay per camera instead of per user, which may make the answer much cheaper! With a reputed VMS, you’ll add a vast number of additional users at no cost, and there aren’t any constraints on what percentage of users or devices can simultaneously remotely view footage from one location or maybe a camera.

Another option is to possess both, use a conventional VMS camera bridging to allow tinny low number of users all of the delicate features, and also a cloud provider to store video securely offsite and supply additional users with easy remote video access.

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