Top 6 Folding Electric Wheelchairs of 2021

Top 6 Folding Electric Wheelchairs of 2021

Freedom of movement is a fundamental human right, but it can be almost impossible for the elders and physically disabled to exercise this right without help. Fortunately, several innovative power chairs and walking aids ease the difficulty of walking around for such people. Chief among such innovative movement aids is the folding electric wheelchair

The main benefit of having such a wheelchair is the smaller turning radius they provide, even if your hands lack the mobility required to operate the traditional wheelchair. But due to the massive demand for these special wheelchairs, there are several varieties in the market. 

This in itself isn’t bad. However, it can complicate the purchase decision for most people looking for the best electric wheelchair to meet their needs. And that’s where this post comes in with six of the highest-rated electric wheelchairs money can buy. 

WHILL Model Ci2

For everyday use that’s lightweight and always ready to go, you can go wrong with the Model Ci2 from the reputable powerchair maker WHILL. This special folding electric wheelchair comes with everything you can ask for in a robust mobility chair and more. Critical among its features is a radius as small as 30”. This provides ample room to move it around narrow corners, whether indoors or outdoors. 

Yes, it’s not only for the indoors. This chair is always designed for use outdoors, thanks to its patented front Omni-wheels. You will have smooth navigation no matter the terrain. Even better, the wheel can climb onto or over obstacles as high as 2”. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

iLiving USA ILG-255

The IGL-255 is another innovative product from iLiving USA which you can confidently use to board airplanes and cruise ships. Its total weight is 56 lbs without the 6 lbs batteries. The manufacturers designed this mobility powerhouse for easy folding and fixing in a matter of seconds. 

Kick standing is handy provided it’s folded upright. The maximum weight the ILG-255 can carry is 255 lbs, with a battery traveling about 10 miles on a single charge. One of the unique features is the extra storage room under the seats since its batteries go under the armrests. 

Golden Compass Sport

Golden Technologies Compass Sport is among the most robust and stable wheelchairs with motorized parts. It has arguably the most responsive buttons and features of any wheelchair currently available for purchase. It has a standard Dynamix Link controller for enhanced driving experience through load compensation technology. 

This means the electronics within the chair make minor adjustments on the fly, so you have an easier time controlling the chair for smoother rides. Apart from this, it has a turning radius of 19.5” and modifies settings to suit your driving conditions like rough terrains, user weight, speed, and inclined floor. 

EWheels EW-M45

Coming at only 59 lbs, the EW-M45 can be folded into a single compact piece with dimensions 23x13x31 inches. Thus, making this wheelchair the ideal option for those who travel a lot. 

The carrying capacity is equally impressive, with the ability to withstand as much as 400 lbs. Its turning radius is only 31”, so you won’t have any trouble navigating narrow and right curves. Another fantastic feature is the wheels that were built for both outdoor and indoor use. This mobility chair can travel as fast as 3.7 mph with 15.5 miles on the battery. 

Pride Jazzy 1450

As far as heavy-duty motorized wheelchairs, the Pride Jazzy 1450 is a standing option. The manufacturers built it with durable and reinforced components that can carry 600 pounds without any trouble. It allows front-wheel drive for enhanced indoor maneuvers indoors. 

Its front wheels are also wider, which enables it to achieve better traction on rough surfaces. Additional features include customizable seats, different leg and armrest positions, and enhanced motors for a top speed of 4.5 mph. Furthermore, it has a turning radius of 26.5” and up to 15.7 miles on a single charge. 

Golden Literider Envy

If you want to be the envy of other wheelchair users, the Golden LiteRider Envy should be your first pick. It’s a beautifully made, portable, and compact electric wheelchair. The simple design makes it easy to use. It also has solid wheels for driving around. 

Whether you’re driving yourself or driven by a caregiver, this chair suits the different demands better than most power chairs. It assembles and disassembles easily and quickly, does take up a lot of storage space, and is easy to transport. The turning radius is 28.5”, the weight capacity is 300 lbs, and the top speed is 3.5 mph.


We hope you find the information in this post sufficient to begin narrowing down the long list of electric wheelchairs today, especially if you’re looking for one that folds. Remember that each entry in this list is unique in its way, with features designed to suit a specific user group

So although the price does play a key role in determining the suitable wheelchair, it shouldn’t have the final say. You want to access other aspects of a given chair when considering it for purchase. At least, check out what other customers or long-time users experienced while using the wheelchair before paying for it. 

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