Best air track gymnastic mats for home practice

Best air track gymnastic mats for home practice

Air track is a brand that represents the air floor which is an inflatable floor that you fill up and becomes a little bouncy and cushiony surface for gymnastics practice. If you are looking for buying a legitimate air track that is of high-quality material, you will observe the prices are a little steep. But after working a lot on finding quality air track gymnastic mats at cheap prices, we have found Kameymall air track mats.  

When you search for a gymnastics air track mat there will be twenty different mats on twenty different websites. Here we have the best mats at the lowest prices so that you can get benefit from our research on air track mats. 

What is important to look for while buying air track mats?

Before you buy measure the specifications that you want in the air track mats and here we have given them if you are not sure what to go for.

Easy to Transport:

Heavy inflatable air track mats must become less in dimension and fit in a small box for transport from one place to another. The dimension of the air track matters when the air is filled as there should be enough room for practice. The width of the air tracks is important, and how much it inflates off from the ground. When you are doing gymnastics, it must not feel like a normal floor due to the less width. When it is closer to the ground, the less shock it can absorb. 

You don’t need your whole team to fold the air track mat as they are not much heavy, just use your energy and don’t worry if you left last for more practice. 

Enjoy the fresh air while practicing:

When you are going outside for fun but want to practice a little bit, release the air and put it in the back of the car. It almost takes 4 minutes to fill the air in the air track if you are using an electronic pump. Spread it anywhere it fits and get ready to practice your gymnastic techniques with your homies or in the fresh air. It is easy to fold up and transport them to your home again as it even takes less time to release the air like 3 minutes and something.

Choose qualities over accessories:

PVC material is best for the air tracks and it must be thick enough to not lose air while you are practicing. Sometimes the pump does not come with the box when you are looking for high-quality air tracks at low prices. So you can buy them but don’t compromise on the quality of air track just for the sake of a pump. Most of the time the price increased a lot due to the addition of a pump, so firstly calculate in which way you are getting more profit.

Worry less, practice more 

If you want to enjoy yourself outside, the season does not matter most of the time. You don’t need to worry if it is raining or a sunny day due to the PVC’s great quality. You will feel a little melting surface but nothing will leak even hot day. Don’t skip practice and don’t put the fun behind. Do these things together and you will enjoy your practice instead of getting a headache due to it. 

As a parent, you must understand the importance of practice and that is why you need to help your kid to practice at home in a safe area instead of on carpet and ground. The air track mats at Kameymall give rebound like spring air mats but a little less as they are simple air tracks. They are softer than landing on the ground or carpet and encourage you to improve your techniques while giving the bounce benefit.

Join two air tracks for more width:

If you have no control over your tricks, order two air track mats instead of purchasing a little more widely at double price. It is a good option because instead of doubling the price on a few more inches wider, you are doubling the width to practice. 

If you are going to purchase two air tracks, then make sure to look at the option of the connector, as it might slip. Both need to be locked when you join them for practice.


Gymnastics, martial arts, and parkour are becoming popular with time all over the world which increase the demand for air track of great quality. Parents want their kids to practice at home in the gym so that they can get ahead in the game and compete with everyone. When you are going to invest money on the air tracks, make sure you get what you order and what you were looking for. These specifications might have helped you and for more check out Kameymall as they are offering great quality air mats in different sizes and shapes.