Nashville: Expectations vs. Reality

Nashville: Expectations vs. Reality

As is common with any famous city, there are a lot of people who think they know everything there is to know about Nashville despite never once having stepped foot here. Whether you’re thinking about moving, planning a vacation, or just curious about the truth, you may be wondering how accurate your expectations are compared to reality.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the biggest, and wrongest, assumptions people have about Nashville…

EXPECTATION: Nashville is a big, messy metropolis

If you’ve ever seen any pictures of Nashville, you’ve probably seen the famous Broadway strip. With its neon signs, bustling nightlife, and towering skyscrapers, it’s easy to assume that the whole area is just a Southern-fried version of New York City. In other words, loud, busy, cramped, and chaotic.

REALITY: Nashville is really a small town at its heart

The truth is that most of Nashville are quiet, peaceful, and even a bit small. It’s not just apartment complexes on top of all-night music clubs; there are plenty of suburban-style Nashville houses for sale, complete with backyards and driveways and neighborhood parks within walking distance.

EXPECTATION: Nashville is only for country music fans

Not only is Nashville known as “the Music City, but” it’s also home to the Grand Ole Opry, the most famous country-and-western performance venue in the world. That must mean that everyone who lives there wears cowboy hats and that the entire arts scene is dominated by country music. Right?

REALITY: Nashville has a little something for everyone

There’s more to Nashville than just country music. There are local venues catering to every taste, from rock to jazz to classical to rap. What’s more, there are many non-musical entertainment options, such as the 16-Bit Bar + Arcade, the Adventure Science Center, and the monthly First Saturday Art Crawl.

EXPECTATION: Nashville is a one-and-done tourist town

Nashville has a lot of famous tourist attractions, like the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum, the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, and even a full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon. With all that, you might think that the whole place is crawling with tourists 24/7.

REALITY: Nashville is a great place to settle down

A lot of tourists vacation in Nashville, but that doesn’t mean it’s solely a tourist town. In truth, tourists tend to stick to Broadway and a few other key areas. The rest of Nashville is dedicated to locals who are happy to raise a family here, thanks to the affordable cost of living, high-quality schools, and strong economy.

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