Top 5 Startup Ideas For App Development In 2022

Top 5 Startup Ideas For App Development In 2022

We live in times when searching for an answer to every question or fulfillment of our wishes starts with unlocking our smartphones. Taking a cab, ordering food or groceries, tracking public transportation, buying event tickets, or making a doctor appointment. Almost anything today can be managed through your mobile device. 


That’s not surprising. We all tend to look for simpler ways to do things, and demand produces its supply. Consequently, the number of online application ideas and app creator services will only continue to increase. Particularly in the current pandemic conditions in which we all need an app to change our daily habits in a certain way.

If you are looking to develop an app in 2022, you must understand the ongoing trends. Below, we’ve listed what kind of apps are going to be most demanded in the near future. So, here are the best app startup ideas for the following year.

Warehouse Management App

This app idea has captured a lot of attention lately. Especially now, when the eCommerce sector is at its best moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Managing warehouse activities without messing up internal operations is quite an undertaking.

Nevertheless, a warehouse management app can monitor and control all the inventory-related tasks as well as monitor third-party logistics. A WMS app is able to keep track of receiving stock in the warehouse and will guarantee that you never run out of stock.  

Furthermore, analytics and reports are other features of the app. It helps you track the shipment location, inform you about a product that performs well, or an employee that stands out. In this type of app, you can either create an independent warehouse management system, a cloud-based one, or supply chain management. If you develop these solutions properly, we guarantee you that it will be a megahit app. 

Dropshipping App

Another great app idea that can also solve the bundle of warehouse management-related problems is a Dropshipping app. Dropshipping is a concept which eradicates the need for inventory management, and the dealer sends the item directly to the buyer. 

A dropshipping app takes the order, gives it to the wholesaler, retailer, or producer, and the items are supplied to the customers. Dropshipping apps will save you plenty of time and effort. So, you are able to focus on other management-related tasks. Another advantage to this app idea is that it doesn’t demand a large amount of investment and you may launch it even with limited resources. 

Local Buy and Sell App 

This concept might sound new to many, however, it’s like the old tradition when you give unused or less used items to a family member or friend. The only distinction with the app concept is, you earn money for it. With the astonishing number of 2.14 billion people buying online, analysts predict that there is a silver lining for a local buy and sell app such as ‘Offerup’, for example. 

This kind of platform gives a chance for customers to advertise used products, sell them and earn money.  Other customers (buyers) browse through a list of used products, select items, and add them to their carts. 

So, how can you make money from this? You can charge transfer costs or go for in-app advertising, or charge for delivery. Undoubtedly, this trend is gonna be the next big deal in 2022.

Cryptocurrency Exchange App 

As might be expected, this trend is gonna be a chart-topper in 2022 and after. If you have come across the app called ‘Binance’, then you already are familiar with the cryptocurrency exchange application development concept. 

Cryptocurrency exchange apps can be used for exchanging or trading cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users are able to send virtual gifts to their families or friends. Anyway, if you launch a crypto exchange app, ensure it’s secured and follows all the acts and regulations.

Dog Training App

Dogs are people’s best friends. A recent craze that has arisen is training your dog at home. That comprises potty training, sit down and stand up training, walking training, and so on. 

The general public has turned to online apps for getting help with this kind of training. So are you thinking of developing a dog training app that can help dog owners? When developing this type of app, you should incorporate learning lessons for dogs, progress records, daily reminders, and a built-in tracker among other things.  Dog owners would without doubt love the concept and vouch for your app. 


You should consider these app ideas and then make your best effort. The competition is only going to get tougher as the year’s pass. So, ensure you have an experienced app development team or a trustworthy app maker to help you make your app idea a reality.