The Future of the Capital Smart City Investment

The Future of the Capital Smart City Investment

On September 26, 2018, Capital Smart in City Islamabad was officially launched in Islamabad. The project was one of the few that saw investment interest continue despite the market’s gloom. The substantial commerce volume is thought to be due to the society’s prime setting and the excellent profile of its operator, Habib Rafique (Pvt) Ltd. The project’s official debut is expected to generate yet another surge in demand for property documents.

Specifications of the project

The society is found near the Thalian Interchange here on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, about 7 kilometres from the new Islamabad International Airport. According to the information provided thus far, the society offers residential plots measuring five marlas, seven marlas, ten marlas, 1 Kanal, & 2 Kanals. Therefore, the capital Smart City will be a smart city where civilization will be self-sufficient and environmentally beneficial for energy development and recycling.

The inaugural launch of Capital Smart City Islamabad took place in September of this year. So long, the initiative has been underway for a while and has already had soft launches in the United States and Pakistan. However, the formal debut is far more significant. Once a developer’s layout design has been approved by the relevant development body, the developer can begin selling projects within its soft launch. On the other hand, the official launch could only take place if the society obtains approval for development activities and advertising in print and other media. The community has been examined from all angles in preparation for its official introduction later this month.

The so-called ‘illegal’ extension

You’ve probably seen a report in which the Rawalpindi Development Authority deemed the Capital Smart City Extension illegal. The proprietor of a 250-Kanal plot of land adjoining Capital Smart City attempted to market and sell his property as the “Capital Smart City Extension.” The organization has no plans to expand, and it may not require to do so in the foreseeable future because it has yet to have its official launch.

Demand on the market

The authorized partners for Capital Smart City had a jam-packed opening half of the year, but they had to go above and beyond to meet market requirements. So, according to reports, the stock for 5-marla plots has sold out, while inventory for seven marlas & 10 marlas is quickly running out, with just 18% and 16% of the released units remaining for sale, correspondingly. The formal launch attracted more agents to sell and acquire plot files in Capital Smart City, increasing market interest. A surcharge on sold-out plots was predicted in such a circumstance.

Returns on High-Yield Investments:

Because of its accessibility, features, and smart facilities in Pakistan, Capital Smart City promises excellent investment yields for the only time. The developers have included all potential reasons to participate in this venture. When an investor searches for an investment possibility, he wants to know that he will get a good return on his money. CSC assures high range returns on investments. Investors are constantly on the lookout for excellent possibilities to purchase real estate. 

This time, the investor would not need to devote time and money to a lengthy search as this is obviously among the most sought-after residential units in the twin cities and requires no further research or promotion. If you engage now, you will have to hire at a low cost, and after 2-3 years, when it is fully developed, you will be ready to get a payback on your investment equal to or greater than your current investment.

Amenities and features that have been planned

The project, which aims to become Pakistan’s first smart city, would include a unified system that connects and monitors all of the project’s operations. The society will keep track of its internet data, whether it is the records of its health centre, the activities organized in the community centre, or the schedules and availability of public transportation. 

Furthermore, they built capital Smart City on the premise of promoting an active and happy lifestyle. It will include an abundance of open fields and outdoor recreational amenities for this goal, including theme parks, pathways, and designated green areas. Furthermore, load shedding will no longer be an issue for society. It will feature its water treatment facility. Capital Smart City has an Economic Zone, a Healthcare Zone, an Academic Region, & a Commercial Hub to ensure that the development plan enables all associated activities.

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