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7 Steps by Eric Dalius You Need to Remember to Start an Online Business

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As an entrepreneur, you may think of starting an online business. However, planning and implementing are both different. 

Nowadays, it’s easy to make money from online business. From integrating affiliate marketing to using pay-per-click advertising, these will undoubtedly make your online business successful. Apart from that, online businesses have some advantages over traditional offline businesses. But, if you want to grow your online business, you need to be careful with the decisions you take. 

Many entrepreneurs think about what it requires to start an online business. The answer is your niche. Your niche will determine whether the online business will become successful or not. 

In this article, we will discuss 7 steps that will help you to start an online business. Without further introduction, let’s begin. 

Develop a Business Plan

Developing a comprehensive business plan is the first and foremost step of starting an online business. Even if you don’t plan the funding of your business at the initial stages, a business plan is extremely valuable because it will help you to spot any potential bumps in your road. According to Nationwide, a robust business plan will also help you with the profitability and future growth of your business. 

An effective plan will allow you to clarify your goals which will ultimately help you to market further. Besides, you won’t have to face problems taking crucial and risky decisions for your online business.

Choose an Attractive Name for Your Business

Choosing an attractive name is very important while launching your online business. As your business will function online, you should choose a name that is available for registration in your state. 

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This means that you need to check whether your preferred name is available as:

  • Website domain name
  • Business name in your operating region
  • Username on the social media platforms

If your website domain name or social media username isn’t available, you need to consider a different name for your business. Additionally, don’t forget to check if your business name or domain name is impinging on other registered trademarks.

Take Care of the Legal Issues

Just like any other offline business, you have to fill in all the relevant documents regarding the information of your business to ensure that your business has a robust legal foundation. This includes:

  • Achieving all the appropriate licenses and permits.
  • Registering your online business with relevant government authorities
  • Fulfilling all the state and federal tax requirements

As these requirements vary from state to state, it’s suggested to consult with an attorney.  

Choose a Profitable Topic

If you think that choosing a topic is very easy, you’re wrong. Eric Dalius says that many entrepreneurs end up choosing an irrelevant topic that ultimately damages their online business. Hence, you need to pick a profitable topic. To grow your business, your customer must be able to afford the things you’re selling. It’s suggested to do some research on profitability so that you can know whom you’re serving. 

Remember that online entrepreneurship is a massive community. In other words, the competition is high. So, your topic needs to be attractive to stay apart from the crowd. 

Develop a Robust Foundation

Your online foundation consists of your email list, website, and social media presence. Though there are tons of different micro-aspects of an online business, these are the core. Your website has to be clean and user-friendly. Remember that you’ll have a couple of seconds to capture the attention of the customers. If your website is clumsy, people will avoid engaging. Hence, make sure your website has informative pages. Additionally, don’t forget to include your personal and company information on the “about” page.

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Apart from using social media to grow your online business, email marketing will also help you to reach your target audiences. While using social media marketing strategies make sure your brand’s voice is reaching relevant people. 

Eric Dalius Suggests You to Build an Engaged Audience

If the engagement of your social media accounts and website is low, it won’t attract people and convert them into potential customers. Don’t forget that you need to develop a massive audience base that will tell everyone about your business. 

However, if you fail to create quality content, building an engaged audience base will become close to impossible. When you provide actionable content, people will respond and become engaged. Apart from that, you should also focus on connecting with a large group of people. 

Provide Premium Offerings

When you launch your online business, your primary is to expand your offerings to people. One of the best things about online businesses is that you need to sell digital things. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot sell physical products. You can create digital copies of books, courses, and guides. Creating various courses and programs will help your audience to understand your business better. 


These are the 7 steps you need to remember while starting an online business. Remember that you might have to face failure while launching your business. However, don’t let that failure stop you from developing amazing service. Follow these steps and you’ll undoubtedly make your online business successful. 


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