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Smoke a bong like a Pro in minutes – A Guide to Parts and Preparation

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It might be easy to smoke weed bongs, but not many people know how to do it properly.

And trust us, you want to do it properly – it’s a perfect bong hit we are looking for, after all. 

It should not be hard to achieve a perfect bong hit – ensure the elements are taken care of in the correct manner and you can effectively get the most out of your bongs. Getting the perfect hit and enjoying the weed to the maximum. 

This blog post will help you achieve the perfect bong hit – so sit back and relax while we explain everything in detail – before you even light your bowl. 

First up, every stoner must know;

What are weed bongs?

If you do not know what weed bongs are – allow us to explain briefly;

Bong is a water pipe, mostly used to smoke cannabis, its extracts and hashish. 

What is the difference among Hookah and a Bong?

The prime difference between a regular shisha/hookah and a bong is that you inhale via a fixed mouthpiece instead of one or multiple tubes. At the same time, a normal hookah is designed for smoking over an extended time, approximately 10 to 30 minutes. 

While a bong is smoked by taking in one or two bigger hits before putting it away for a breather, you can smoke it slowly, but that is not how many use it. 

The best part about smoking a bong is that it will give you a kick you can never experience by smoking a joint – so use it to your advantage, maybe? 

How to work a bong?

Bongs are easy devices to use and operate. Before we explain further, let’s familiarize ourselves with some common terms that you need to understand. 

Basic Weed Bongs Terminology

The basic terminology includes;

A Bowl

Bowl is a part of the weed bongs in which you put and light your cannabis. 

Down Stem

Most bongs come with a down stem; it is the removable pipe that spreads smoke into the bong’s water 

The Screen

The screen acts as a filter that you can put in a bong bowl to prevent the weed and ashes from getting sucked into the bong itself. 


Diffusers are specifically designed; these can be both; a special down stem or a fixed part; basically, it improves the cooling and filtration of smoke, having to distribute smoke more effectively. 

Carb hole or Kickhole 

This is a hole in the chamber of various bongs that are used to clear out the bong by drawing in all the smoke so you won’t have to lift the bowl. 

A simple overview of smoking weed bongs;

First, fill up your bong with water, then load it with the herbs; if your bong has a carb hole, plug it with a finger. Now light the bowl, and begin inhaling. 

The bong shall not begin to fill up with smoke; you can now release your finger from the hole or lift the bowl up to inhale more, and draw out all the smoke from the bong. 

It’s that simple; now, let’s get into a bit more into the details; 

How much water should be put in weed bongs?

You must work precisely to fill right amount of water. 

Fill up too little water and the smoke won’t be filtered or cooled and excessive water ends up leaking the bong or the water gets inside your mouth. 

Thus it is important to fill the bongs just right. 

How much weed to use, and should you crumble it?

The precise way to fill in a bowl with herbs is by crumbling it as small as possible – or else the herbs will burn too slow and too long, and there will be no getting a proper hit.

But if you want to smoke your bong like a hookah for a long time, the bigger blocks of hash are your perfect solution. 

While smoking weed, it is recommended to crumble or grind herbs similarly when rolling a joint, essentially into smaller size but not into a powder. Bigger chunks won’t burn properly, while a fine powder will negatively impact the airflow – making it difficult to draw. 

How to light your bong properly?

After filling up the bongs, they are ready to light. You can simply take a lighter and light them, right? 

That could be done, but there are multiple ways to do it better. 

First off, do not light up the bongs with a zippo as it affects the taste of herbs negatively, after all you don’t want to taste the light fuel in your bongs. 

Get in touch with Everything for 420 for more information on weed bongs and premium products which offer a divine smoking experience. 

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