Reasons Why Avon Cycle is The Perfect Bicycle for Fitness

Reasons Why Avon Cycle is The Perfect Bicycle for Fitness

Cycling is a highly beneficial exercise that is also fun to do. A large number of people choose cycling as their favourite way of working out as it is one of the most enjoyable exercises. It offers a number of health benefits without putting a toll on your joints. Moreover, it targets a lot of your muscle groups, making you stronger. Cycling is a great alternative to other cardio exercises like walking, running and skipping. Avon cycles are preferred by fitness enthusiasts across the country for a number of reasons. Avon is one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in India. Almost a 70-year-old company, Avon offers a wide range of bicycles across different categories. These include the classic Roadster bicycles, geared bicycles, MTBs (mountain cycles), ladies bicycles, kids’ bicycles and electric bicycles. The company witnessed a surge in demand for its products since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. With large numbers of people taking up cycling to stay fit, the company stepped up production to fulfil the demand. Let’s find out why an Avon cycle is the perfect bicycle for your fitness journey.

1. Lightweight:

Avon makes some of the most lightweight bicycles in the country. Fitness enthusiasts prefer light bicycles as they’re easy to ride for longer distances. They are easy on your joints and they deliver better performance. You can perform high-intensity workouts on these bikes easily due to their ability to reach higher speeds, and provide convenient manoeuvrability. Additionally, you can lift them up with one hand easily. With the thin tyres of geared Avon cycles, you will feel like you’re flying.

2. Sturdy:

When you ride a bicycle for exercise, you need a tough, sturdy bicycle that you can use for years. With Avon cycles, you get exactly that as the brand is known for its highly durable bicycles. Built with high-quality materials, Avon cycles stand the test of time. Take, for example, the classic Avon Roadster cycles. These cycles can be found in any nook and corner of India due to their durability. These cycles stay in service for decades, never giving their owners a reason to worry.

3. Performance:

Avon cycles are agile, steady and perform immaculately. A bicycle that runs smoothly will motivate you to cycle every day and reach your fitness goals. Avon cycles shine in this area as the brand places a larger emphasis on performance. The geared bicycles by Avon feature as many as 21 gears, thus providing room for you to always push yourself. Adjusting the gears can make even a short ride on city roads an invigorating experience.

4. Variety:

The wide assortment of bicycles that Avon offers ensures that there is a perfect bicycle for everyone. You can find models with varying wheel sizes, suspension types and braking systems. Moreover, you can also choose an Avon electric cycle for an elevated cycling experience. An electric cycle extends the benefit of switching to electric mode when the rider gets tired. This way, you can set off on long rides without any worries.

5. Mountain Bicycles:

Many fitness enthusiasts prefer mountain bikes as they allow you to go off-road and work up a sweat. With a mountain bicycle, you can ride on scenic routes outside the city and enjoy the views. While road bicycles are great for a cardiovascular workout, mountain cycles are better for activating your muscle groups. Avon is known for its mountain cycles, as the brand offers a large variety of these models. Avon’s MTBs are highly rated as they come with quality suspension, robust frames and refined aesthetics.

6. Economical:

A large number of individuals who purchase a bicycle only for the purpose of exercising prefer a reasonably priced cycle. Avon cycles are favoured by many fitness enthusiasts as they are priced economically. Avon is always ahead of the competition when it comes to the affordability of its products. The brand packs all the latest features that come in modern bicycles without attaching a heavy price tag. Thus, Avon is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a cycle to burn some calories. Furthermore, if you want to buy Avon cycles it is now easier than ever, thanks to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. You can purchase your favourite model without worrying about its price tag.

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