05 Most Followed Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

05 Most Followed Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

As we all know that the marketing industry is growing rapidly. This is an incredibly dynamic race and the speed is constantly growing because it is important to meet the changing expectations and desires of consumers. Will it be possible to keep the attention of customers? Depends on advertising and marketing decisions. By 2020, they should become new and relevant, because the behavior of users on the network has changed significantly. So what will become a trend?

Digital marketing is changing and attractive. Although many standard marketing channels still work, we need to go out and test new things. This is the only way to get the most out of our campaigns and get ahead of competitors. Below you can read the five trends in digital marketing that you can consider in 2020.

#1. Chatbots

Email marketing is not converted, as it was a few years ago. There are too many marketers on the Internet who constantly send emails to everyone who owns an email address. As a result, each user receives tons of emails every day. Most users are unlikely to read every email, and they don’t click on their links because they’re a little tired of all these promotions. For this reason, many affiliates are starting to use chatbots on their websites and landing pages to increase conversion rates and potential customers.

When the website uses the chatbot, the user sees a notification. He can check the notification or simply ignore it and continue to read the contents. Thus, there are no serious user interface issues. These notifications may contain sounds similar to social media notifications. When users decide to check them out, the chatbot offers them more information or asks relevant questions. If customer support is essential to your business success, a comprehensive chat feature on your website is very important.

Depending on their settings, the chatbot shows them relevant pages or sends them to the right place. This process is really useful for both parts. Visitors find what they want, and marketers can get more potential customers. Chatbots can improve results without affecting other parts of your marketing strategy. 

#2. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is Google’s next big thing in 2020. If you get traffic from Google, you need to adapt to this new trend. Most people have a smartphone with internet access these days. Visit Google is easier and enables voice search than entering keywords.

The first step in optimizing voice search is to optimize your site with mobile phones. You need good page speed and responsive design. If your website does not work well with mobile devices, it will be difficult to go to the next step and get a rating for voice search, since most users enable this feature from their smartphones.

The second step is to search for users who say are slightly different from searches for users who type. They have no problem using longer keywords and questions. As a marketer, you must give them what they want. With a few tools, you can find the questions people ask on search engines and answer them with your blog posts. Finally, many people use voice search when they are looking for instructions or businesses near them. If you are promoting local business, you can also focus on local keywords.

Another great option to gain much traffic to your site is to create a Wikipedia page. Getting a page on Wikipedia is quite beneficial because it enhances your online recognition all over the internet. People get to know you and develop interest with trust. Since they believe only authentic and credible site appears on Wikipedia.

#3. Influencer Marketing

You’ve probably heard again about the impact of marketing. However, in 2020, digital marketers still have a lot of money to make. There are many people with an audience who do not know how to use it.

If you find these profitable opportunities and promote your products, in the long run, you will be able to get a positive return on investment. The impact of marketing opportunities is everywhere. There are influential people on social networks, YouTubers, and bloggers who are happy to provide you with a place to advertise.

Your task is to conduct research and approach these people. If they do not give you a good deal, do not be disappointed, but continue to look for other influential people. In different niches, there are many platforms and unlimited influences. Your results in this strategy will depend on your research and the relevance of your products to their audience if we assume that the copy is good enough. Also, Make your visitors satisfied by presenting your online business license and show them that you are an authentic platform where they can put their trust. 

#4. Native advertising

We’ll never run out of ad networks. However, the price of advertising is rising in the most popular networks, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. A good alternative is native advertising.

When you visit news or sports sites with a large number of visitors, you may have noticed some suggestions with images for other articles. In many cases, they write in small letters words such as “sponsor” or “advertisement.” These images are native advertising.

A visitor expects to visit another article on the same site, but he redirected you to your ad. They work well because they do not look like advertising. Internet marketers have been using them in the past few years and can work for partners. The good news is that most digital marketers don’t use them yet, so you can use them sooner than your competitors. There are many native ad networks that you start with a small budget. 

#5.Video content and images

Video content and images attract more attention than standard articles. However, most digital marketers do not want to adopt yet. Although writing articles and blog posts are fine, you need to consider creating a YouTube channel or adding more media to your articles. If you are on social networks, it’s obvious that you need to create a video. In recent years, many influential people have taken one step forward and created a live video.


Your strategy depends on your audience, but most marketers can use at least one of these digital marketing trends. Most of your success depends on your willingness to experience new things. For example, if you want to start working with chatbots or native advertising, there is no guarantee that they will work for the first time. However, if you try some alternatives and test your campaigns, you will find ways to effectively use and improve your results, which is the goal of every marketer.

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