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Is It A Good Idea To Boost A Salt-Based E-Juice Flavor?

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One of the top benefits of vaping is that it allows you to experiment with tons of flavors. That’s a welcome convenience because when it comes to flavors, each vapor has its own preferences.  

While some prefer vanilla and coconut flavors, others are more at home with chocolaty and nicotine flavors. One of the most nagging concerns among flavor chasers is whether they can boost the flavors of their salt-based e-juices. This article shall shed more light on that. 

What Is A Salt-based E-Liquid? 

Salt-based e-liquids refer to vape juices that are smoother than the traditional freebase e-liquids. The e-juices allow vapers to experiment with higher concentrations of nicotine, mimicking the experience of cigarette smoking.  

Since salt-based e-liquids deliver a smoother feeling closer to that of cigarette smoking, vaping these salts is particularly helpful with smokers trying to quit.  

Another significant benefit of salt-based e-liquids is that they contain naturally occurring nicotine. Therefore, the nicotine in them is a bit more stable compared to that in freebase vape juices.  

Lastly, various anecdotal reports from seasoned vapers suggest that salt-based e-liquids deliver a smoother throat hit compared to their freebase counterparts. Throat hit refers to the sensation of vapor from an e-cig hitting your throat’s back as you inhale. A stronger throat hit translates to a more fulfilling vaping experience. 

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 What Is A Flavor Boost? 

As the name suggests, boosting an e-liquid flavor implies adding extra flavoring to the ingredients in the liquid’s formula. To understand how flavor-boosting works, you’ll need to first familiarize yourself with the basic components of an e-juice.  

Generally, a vape juice consists of the following ingredients; 

  • Vegetable glycerin (VG) – A colorless, odorless, and slightly sweet-smelling liquid that’s known for its thickness and slow absorption rate. The liquid enhances the vapor-production capacity of an e-juice. 
  • Propylene glycol (PG) – A colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid that’s renowned for its ability to deliver maximum throat hit. Propylene glycol is thinner than VG, which makes it easier to absorb.  
  • Nicotine – It is an addictive chemical that draws people to tobacco. Although nicotine is a traditional component in most vape juices, other e-liquids often feature nicotine replacements like cannabis extracts. 
  • Flavorings – The ingredients that account for the taste and aroma of a single use vape. An e-liquid can have scores of flavors, but there’s usually a few dominant ones. Examples of flavors include tobacco, coconut, vanilla, cherry, apple, and chocolate.   

Now, when boosting the flavors of your e-liquid, you typically focus on the flavorings and not any other components of the liquid. Although certain ingredients like vegetable glycerin may come with a mild taste, their quantity remains the same during flavor-boosting as the focus is strictly on flavors.  

Flavors make up about 10% of the total composition of an e-juice. After boosting, that percentage can rise to 15, 20, 30, or even higher, depending on the number of additional flavors added. 

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Why Would You Consider A Flavor Boost? 

The primary reason behind an e-juice flavor boost is to experience fuller and richer flavors. It’s important to note that vapers have different taste buds. Some have sensitive buds, which means that they’re more efficient at detecting flavors in an e-juice.  

Those with less sensitive taste buds may choose to boost their e-liquid flavors to enjoy their favorite flavorings’ fuller tastes. In most cases though, boosting an e-juice’s flavor is purely a matter of personal tastes and preferences.

Can You Boost A Salt-based E-liquid? 

Yes, it’s possible to boost the flavor of your salt-based e-liquid. Salt-based vape juices, like their freebase counterparts, usually contain about 10% flavoring. The only fundamental difference between freebase and salt-based e-juices is the kind of nicotine the liquids contain.  

Salt-based liquids tend to contain a higher nicotine concentration compared to freebase e-juices. Therefore, you can comfortably add more flavors if you’re looking for a much fuller flavor. 

But is it a good idea to boost a salt-based vape juice?  

Yes, it is. As you may have noticed, most salt-based e-liquids utilize a mouth-to-lung (MTL) system. mouth-to-lung vaping systems happen to be more popular among vapers looking for stronger flavors, considering how they draw the vapor into their mouth.  

With an MTL system, you’ll need to suck on your e-cig and allow for a few seconds for the vapor to sit on your tongue before eventually swallowing it into your lungs.  

How will boosting your salt-based e-juice affect your overall vaping experience?  

The direct result of boosting your e-juice is stronger flavors, and that translates to a more blissful vaping experience. But you won’t experience any additional effects other than intensified flavors.  

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If you were vaping using regular vaporizers, increasing the flavors of your e-juice would reduce cloud production, especially if you’re vaping using high-wattage e-cigs. Fortunately, MTL devices aren’t intended for high-wattage vaping, which means that they cannot produce massive vapor. 

On the flipside, boosting the flavor of your salt-based e-liquid might affect your throat. The richer and bolder the flavors of an e-juice are, the weaker the throat. It is because extremely powerful flavors may contain other extracts that water down the potency of the other ingredients of your e-juice.

How to Boost the Flavor of Your Salt-based E-Juice ? 

Boosting your e-juice’s flavors depends on whether the liquid is premade or homemade. With pre-made e-liquids, all you need to do is add a few drops of your favorite flavorings to the bottle and shake well.  

Try vaping the boosted juice and check whether the flavor is now concentrated to your ideal requirement. If not, continue adding the flavorings until you can achieve your required flavor strength.  

As for homemade e-juices, you can start by preparing the flavors and then adding the other vape juice ingredients to your flavors.  


Boosting the flavor of your e-juice is a matter of personal choice. Just ensure you understand how doing so will affect your overall vaping experience. 


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