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7 Tips For Choosing The Best E Juice Under Budget

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Vaping is mainly known for its recreational purposes, thanks to various sources. Unfortunately, some vapers engage in it without first familiarizing themselves with the hard facts. Failure to dig deeper may lead to untimely and reckless exposure, especially to the younger generation. There’s so much to learn about e juices that could affect your perception of them to a certain level.

Check your sources thoroughly to avoid misinformation on this crucial subject. Worse still, misconceptions are also doing their rounds, leading to poor decision-making patterns. Here are tips for choosing the best e juice under budget.

1. Consider the Nicotine Level

Vapers that have been at it for a reasonable period are aware of the Nicotine levels that suit their needs. Lighter vapers are compelled to settle for e juices whose Nicotine levels are about 6mg or less. Manufacturers always indicate this vital piece of info on their websites for purposes such as this. Buying e juice with an adequate level of Nicotine affects your discipline levels as far as vaping is concerned.

Vaping higher levels of e juices in a day may attract a stiff penalty which varies from one individual to another. On a lighter note, using the best vape mod kits also contributes to making a saving. Checking on the Nicotine level determines how much vape juice you’ll want to consume per day. Buying e juices with lesser quantities of Nicotine not only saves your money but facilitates a healthy intake of e juice.

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2. Check the Flavors

With the wide variety of exotic flavors, picking the one that works for your budget may be a painstaking task. E juice companies are usually very keen when selecting flavors for their e juice brands. They check on the quality and the lengths they go through to get their customers’ approval. What’s more, some of them are considerate of their consumers’ current state of financial affairs.

This is not to say that the cheap ones are the worst flavors. On the contrary, it all depends on your tastes. The trick lies in how you balance the e-juice flavors made available to you. Each brand of e-juice flavors is mindful of its pricing techniques. It’s possible to land the most adventurous tastes even when you’re on a tight budget. 

3. Shop Widely

Thanks to the wide variety of shopping outlets online and locally, finding the best e juice on a budget has become more accessible. Price tags depend on factors such as the ingredients and how well the manufacturers have managed to establish their brand. The best part is that it’s possible to find excellent offers and discounts that suit your budget. The deals do not, in any way, tamper with the quality of the e juice you wish to buy.

They are a way of attracting vapers who wish to buy quality but at affordable prices. Make the most out of the offers made since they don’t appear as often. Better still, it’s your chance to try out different brands and take your pick. Shopping widely helps you gain exposure to the newest e juices. It also grants you access to more thrilling and adventurous vaping experiences.

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4. Consider the Base Solutions

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable  Glycerin (VG) make up the primary base ingredients in e juices. Manufacturers are aware of the sensitivity of the stage where they have to mix up the two in varied but safe proportions. The flavors and tastes interchange when one base is higher than the other. For instance, the flavor stands out, but vapor becomes weaker when the PG level is higher.

On the other hand, the flavor becomes weaker and almost unnoticeable when the VG level is higher than the PG. Generally, each of them determines the overall quality and e juice flavors.

Choose the brands that stand out and are reputable, and have unbeatable offers within your budget range.

5. Give It a Try First

Being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean buying vape juices that are below your standards. It simply means buying quality but not being extravagant while you’re at it. Taking a vape test first before making your purchase is a requirement that enables you to identify your ideal e juice. 

Some vape juice brands provide mini packs that are meant for trying out at no extra cost. Some will offer them a discount for the entire package, especially when you place your order online. When buying at your local stores, you’re free to give them a try to determine your preferred vape juice.

6. Smaller Size Bottles

The size of the vape juice bottles matters a great deal since they determine your vape juice consumption as well as the overall price. Smaller size bottles of e juice are more affordable and prevent overindulgence.

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Smaller bottles vary as not all of them are categorized as too tiny. The sizes appeal to vapers who are at different stages in their vaping lives.

7. Read Ratings and Reviews

Previous clients have tried out the vape juices in question before you and have the heads-up. In most cases, the reviews are honest and give buyers a sneak preview of what they are about to experience.

The prices are also included in the reviews, giving you the chance to decide whether the e juices are within your price range.


Buying vape juice on a budget is doable, considering the resources are at your beck and call. You can carry out intense research before making purchases that might mess up your budget. You can also try the non tobacco pouches.

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