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How to Set Charges for Your Web Design Projects? A Detailed Guide

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The golden rule to follow when it comes to setting charges for your web design services is to see what your competitors are offering. For example, take a look at the average rates for web design services in New York before setting yours.

Other than that, there are numerous factors you need to consider in this regard. Let’s start with types of web design pricing models:

03 Main Types of Web Design Pricing Models:-

a). Project-Based

As the name suggests, companies charge for the entire project in this model. It is more suitable if you have a customised project that you have to handle from the very start to the end.

b). Hourly

In this model, designers charge clients on a per hour basis. This package is more suitable when they have multiple projects at their disposal and want to devote time to each of them. The number of hours worked is multiplied by the charges per hour for the final cost.

c). Predefined Packages

These are different packages with selective features different web design agencies offer to their clients. These packages differ in terms of services included and pricing.

The Psychology of Setting Price

When you are setting prices for your services, you have to understand the psychology of clients. Setting price too low may give an impression that your services are incompetent. Similarly, setting them too high can drive potential leads away. Therefore, there’s a fine line that you have to maintain.

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Having said that, when you are setting a high price, you have to develop a level of trust with your clients. Here’s how you can do this:

Make sure your website has an appealing design. It will basically serve as a representation of the services you offer. So, if your company has a website that leaves a lot to be desired, how can clients trust you to create high-quality sites for them?

Have engaging and quality content on your website. Entice users through it. The blog section and the website content both should have information, engaging and authentic content written by experienced content writers.

Give proof of the quality of your services. Highlight Google ratings, customer reviews, and other such details that will help in establishing the trust.

Other Important Factors to Consider

While creating an element of trust is certainly important, there are numerous other important factors that you must consider. These include:

1. Have Multiple Pricing Plans

It’s a common practice to have multiple pricing plans. However, don’t give your users too many options. It can overwhelm them. Make sure you are giving them a customisable plan. Many clients like when they get to have things their way, and this is exactly what a customisable plan offers.

2. Share Vital Figures with Your Readers

If you are enlightening your prospect clients with vital figures, chances are that it will grab their interest. For example, by stating facts that having a well-designed website can help them earn xxx ROI, this will capture their interest. However, ensure that the facts are well-researched and authentic.

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3. End Prices with 9

It may seem like a vague thing to do, but studies have proven that when you end the price in 9, it increases the chances of conversions. And who doesn’t like when a prospect lead actually turns into a conversion.

4. Is Listing Web Design Prices a Good Idea or Not?

One of the toughest things to decide for a web design, digital marketing or SEO Company is whether they should display its price on the website or not. It has both its set of pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them:

Benefits of Listing Price:-

a). Creates a Sense of Transparency

When you list prices, it creates a sense of transparency for your brand. The trust element developers. Your clients know that there’s a system in place and you are not giving them quotes from thin air.

b). Qualified Leads

By displaying price, you will get less price-related queries and more questions about services you offer. You can rest assured that the person who has contacted you can afford your services. Therefore, you can satisfy them with your answers and get qualified leads.

c). Discounted Deals

Most people believe that prices mentioned on a website are final. And this is indeed true in most cases. However, you can offer special discounts to your clients who get in touch with you. This will make them feel special and they may actually consider getting on-board with you.

Drawbacks of Listing Price:-

1. Your Competitors Know It

Some things are left hidden from your competitors, and pricing is one of them. They can reduce theirs and use it to their benefit.

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2. It Can Drive Away Potential Users

If your prices are a tad bit higher than your competitors, listing them can drive away potential users. But, in case you haven’t listed them and they have contacted you about the same, you can share your price while justified the reason why you’re charging high. They may end up hiring you for the web design project.

We hope that the information provided above will help you in setting prices for your services. 

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