Health Mistakes Vapers Make While Vaping

Health Mistakes Vapers Make While Vaping

While vaping serves many purposes, some fanatics tend to overdo it or even misuse it. As much as vaping is meant for recreational and other personal reasons, it must be done correctly and in moderation.

One of the biggest mistakes is vaping for the first time without some form of verified guidance. Get your facts right first to avoid health complications and other troubles.

Vaping is among the most common ways of alleviating anxiety and consuming CBD products. As you embark on giving it a try, bear in mind that careless mistakes must be avoided at all costs.

Here are the health mistakes that vapers make while vaping.  

1. Dry Hitting

Vaping is meant to be a calming and relaxing experience that alleviates all levels of anxiety. Hitting it dry is the equivalent of signing a death warrant on your health.

A perfect vaping experience rides on the type of e-liquid you choose and the amount you use per session. For some reason, some vapers choose to take the high-risk road that entails the use of insufficient vape juice.

As a result, the users experience a burning and uncomfortable sensation at the back of their throats. Other vapers may walk on a tightrope without knowing it by vaping without checking the level of e juice they have left.

Vapers need to understand that the action of vaping saps so much liquid and may leave the vape pen empty. You can correct this health mistake by continuously checking your vape pen first before vaping.

Ensure that the vape juice is enough to take you through your entire vaping session. If not, refill it to avoid health repercussions. The burning sensations are enough to warn you of the danger that may advance if the issue fails to be solved.

2. Higher Nicotine Percentage

Consuming a higher percentage of Nicotine usually attracts a harsh penalty on your health. One way to identify the effects of consuming excessive Nicotine is a sore throat accompanied by a dry feeling.

Dehydration is yet another common effect of vaping Nicotine in excess. For this reason, manufacturers usually are very keen on the amount of Nicotine they infuse into their products.

Some brands may fail to look into the proper Nicotine percentage, endangering the lives of the consumers. Worse still, mixing it up yourself at home and failing to adhere to the safety requirements causes negative health results.

When buying vape juice, the nicotine levels must be among the features to look out for. The standard percentage depends on the general packaging in question. The flavors and types of e juices also play a significant role in determining the safety of your health.

Constant vapers should be keener on the Nicotine levels of their vape juices. Shopping online is easier and faster than physical stores since they offer added information on the product you wish to buy.

The online platform also treats its buyers to a wider variety of vape juice options and flavors. For instance, the renova zero pods may only be seen in select online stores.

However, the credibility of the sources you choose is also crucial to your overall vaping experience.

3. Buying Cheap Brands

You can tell the credibility and sophistication of a vape brand simply by the way its manufacturer package and advertise it. In most cases, the little-known ones are the culprits that wreak havoc on the health of most fanatical vapers.

Cheap brands are the ones that bear no symbol of quality that makes them stand out from their counterparts. Worse still, you may have come across a lot of negative feedback from vapers who’ve tried out the brand in question before.

The quality of the vaping equipment and the vape juice can stand the test of time. Cheaper brands are not as durable and will instead wear out before their intended time.

Worse still, their effects will be harder and more expensive to deal with as time progresses. Only buy your vaping products and equipment from revered companies that have carved a niche for themselves in the vaping industry.

Most of them have been around long enough to know what their clients want and strive to provide. 

4. Poor Care and Maintenance Practices

Neglecting your vaping equipment is hazardous since it involves the build-up of harmful chemicals. Cleaning up your equipment often assures you of a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.

Maintenance involves proper storage of your items when not in use. Leaving them lying around may cause damage to the user and non-user. Storing them in areas that are not conducive may make them unfit for use, primarily due to expiry.

Proper care and maintenance also enhance the durability factor. It improves and strengthens the longevity of the products and equipment you purchase for vaping.

5. Excessive Vaping

Regardless of one’s liking of vaping, moderation must always be in order. Vaping in excess is hazardous to one’s health as it contributes mainly to the build-up of chemicals into your body.

Vaping without regular visits to a certified physician for checkups is highly detrimental to your health. This is mostly because vapers are unaware of how much Nicotine enters their system per vape session.

Go slow to avoid irreparable damages, especially to your respiratory health.


Vaping is only recreational when all the set guidelines are followed in the letter. Avoiding all the mistakes mentioned above saves you from a lifetime of health instability.


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