Grand Theft Auto 6- Four protagonists?

Grand Theft Auto 6- Four protagonists?

Grand Theft Auto 6 is the game that everyone has been waiting for. Yet there is still no real game in sight. This leads to the rumour mill really running and buzzing along with fans of the Rockstar game leading to speculation. Fans are spending their time playing heists, having Casino Days and causing mayhem in Los Santos but they are now really wanting to get their hands on the new city and explore what the new Rockstar game has to offer.

The last GTA game

Next year will be the longest time that Rockstar has gone without releasing a new GTA. In 2013 GTA V was released and it has become the first GTA game to span over three different consoles. It has become a running joke among the gaming community that they will never see GTA VI in their lifetime. 

However, things start to feel like they are taking shape in the Rockstar studios or so the leaks are leading fans to believe.

In GTA V there were three main characters that you could play as. Michael, Franklin and the ever-popular Trevor.

The rumour of four protagonists

It is highly anticipated that this version of GTA will be bigger than anything that has come before it. With Rockstar working on the massive Red Dead Redemption 2 and improving aspect of that, it has delayed work on GTA VI but people also think that this could be because it is going to be so big that they need more time.

One of those aspects could be the addition of one more playable protagonist which would make the game even more revolutionary. 

It would be a huge step in gameplay and one that would grab the attention of the gaming world. However, as is the case in the gaming world there are many claims about aspects of the game that just do not materialise.

So is there a different route that Rockstar might take?

With the game map anticipated to be the biggest that Rockstar has created, it may be too much in terms of programming to have four protagonists. It has also been rumoured that the game may follow a two-person style with references to Bonnie and Clyde

Having a woman as a playable character would be an interesting and brilliant route for Rockstar to take because this would be the first woman in the game to be represented. Women in the game are often beaten, used as sex workers or robbed easily so to have a playable character be a woman would be a superb next step; much like EA including more women’s teams on FIFA

Will GTA be out soon?

To find out if the rumours are true, fans will have to wait even longer it seems and it could be until 2023 that a new GTA is finally released. However, even as GTA V will celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Rockstar want to get this game right especially given the delay.