What Is A Triple-A (AAA) Game?

What Is A Triple-A (AAA) Game?

I would start this article with a question.  Have you ever heard a term like AAA or Triple-A video games?  I think you have met them in the form of TV advertisements and widely advertised their releases.  These are large-budget games that are shaping the gaming market.aaa game art studio

How can I better explain to you what a video game is?  Perhaps you have ever watched blockbuster movies before.  They usually have a huge budget, a team of 1000 people, famous actors in the casting, are produced in a studio with a well-known name.  Moreover, they earn a huge amount of money from the release of films, and film studios try to release sequels to increase their income.  Something similar is happening in the game industry.

The ААА gaming segment looks like a blockbuster. It uses huge teams of specialists, who work for months and years to make a product used by numerous players.  AAA games are accompanied by a large marketing campaign with its ads showing up everywhere.  People are looking forward to the release of this game, which is usually distributed by one of the well-known publishers.  Among them are such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Sony, etc.

Many Triple-A titles are also part of popular franchises.  There are also some game series that are released every few years or even annually.  Take FIFA, for example, and its installment series are breaking their own sales records with each release.

Game criteria

What game can we call Triple-A?  The first criterion is the price of the launched game.  Today, the standard large title is sold digitally and physically, starting at a $60 launch in the United States of America. Of course, over time, this price will go down due to sales.

The second thing is the scale.  There is, no doubt, a large investment in content creation that takes 1,000 hours and face-up cards with precise details that rival real ones.  High-quality content, its scale of use, animation – all are typical for the AAA gaming segment.

The next indicator of ААА games is the size of the team.  Due to the scale and intensity of the work, game publishers often select certain specialists for 3D animation, modeling, online connection, sound design.

What are “Triple-A Plus” Games?

You can often come across terms like AAA + or Triple-A plus.  It is a title for those with a special large budget selling for a premium price and even having additional in-game sales.

Let’s take a look at FIFA as an example. This game has a built-in micro-transactional system that can open everything for loot to unlock different versions of football players so that you can assemble a football team.  Recently, they disclosed a total micro-transactional income that hovered around $1,000,000,000.

Without a doubt, the future of the gaming industry is in rapid development, as the gaming community is constantly growing.  More and more franchised games are being released each year.  But there is one point to which you need to pay attention.  It is additional monetization of already expensive games, which leads to the realization of similar games every year, suggesting that the AAA gaming segment has taken a definite niche in the gaming industry.  The representation of independent games is also growing, and it gives us a variety and breadth of storylines of different games.  Due to the range of distinguished pricing policies and various genre games, the player will always be satisfied with the gaming entertainment market.

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