Fifa 23 Delves Into Career Mode

Fifa 23 Delves Into Career Mode

FIFA 23 will be the last game under the franchise name FIFA after licensing issues with the global football association. However, EA still has full control over how the game operates and what features can be included in the game. 

With FIFA 23 just around the corner, EA has given fans a sneak preview of what they are to expect when the game is released. One area that EA has listened to the fans is with the career mode; one area that fans feel has been neglected over recent years.

Area of focus 

EA has been heavily invested in the FIFA Ultimate Team for the past few games and it has brought them great success. Much like a new bet site, the Ultimate Team part of the game brought fun, excitement and the possibility of winning coins. 

However, the game has had so much investment in it that the Ultimate Team aspect of the game has been taken as far as it can…for now. So now it is the time for a different part of FIFA to get a lifeline.

Other areas

Not everything has been on Ultimate Team as EA invested in the Volta series which is really fun. The small mini-game is fantastic and can be played either online or offline. 

Alongside this, FIFA has included the women’s game more and also improved the overall graphics of the game.

What is career mode?

Career mode is taking control of a side as a manager and playing as the team. This way you can control how your team is doing, purchase the players you want, keep morale high, and control the formations the team plays, and even the style.

Career mode has always been a popular mode and one that many people will always play no matter what version of FIFA. However, this has meant that EA has taken some of these gamers for a ride as they know that they will play even if the career mode has not been changed.

However, around 3 or 4 years ago career mode did get change. With improvements to the scouting system, player development and many more cut scenes to make the gamer feel more in control and enhance the experience.

What is new?

Despite some improvements to career mode, the game mode is ready for an update. EA dropped a trailer stating their intentions with a deep dive look at how career mode will play out. With cool features including trends in the transfer market, playable highlights for those who do not want to play the full 90 minutes, and also a new Authentic Manager mode where they can pretend to be some of the best managers in the world.

Is career mode worth it?

It certainly is. With less pressure than Ultimate Team, you can progress at your own rate and set the challenge that you want. You have so much control of the career mode that you will feel the achievement of playing against the computer.