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Android Office Apps for smartphones in 2021

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In this era of competition, you are expected to engage an extensive period of time to create a note of your effectiveness and performance. That means spending a lot of time on your desk at your office. Now there is an escape, actually, so that’s the Android office app. These applications have been shown to be a great form of support for workaholics. Because you can complete your presentation while you are caught in traffic, these applications allow you to do multiple tasks.

Physically, you are not needed to be in your office to manage your office work.  In addition, as these apps are constructed for smartphones, they are also intelligent in nature and can basically convert your task into work that can be presented at a world-class level. Choosing the best office app for Android is all you must do. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best Android Office apps for smartphones. So here we go:

Microsoft Office Suite

In a broad sense, the Microsoft Office suite is Android’s finest office app. Apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote also come with this office suite.  These apps can enhance the best team, and you can literally move your office from your mobile to this team on your phone. You can generate, edit, display, and distribute articles, presentations, and graphs. This office suite has a fantastic interface, templates, and expertise for collaboration. You can share your information, and you can keep cloud storage secure as well. 

Microsoft PowerPoint Synchronizes large, professional, customizable OneDrive presentations and allows users to create new products or modify existing files. There is no need to turn on a laptop; everything can be done by this app on the Android phone. Modern templates, formats, and layouts are available in Microsoft Word, so jobs, assignments, journals, notes, letters, and scripts look fantastic on all devices. It provides email, Skype, and many other channels to exchange docs and PDF files. Microsoft Excel has excellent templates, formats, and functionality that are easy to measure and evaluate. On any computer, Microsoft’s office suite has a great surface. Collaboration can be rendered with the enhanced version and the older version can be located on draft.

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Google Drive Office Suite

Google Drive is the best Android Office App that essentially keeps all your data secure with encryption backup systems, regardless of whether it’s a document or videos, or images. This is a smart locker which never puts your data at risk. Google Drive has fantastic applications like Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Docs, as well as date display and editing tools. It can add comments as well too.

Google Docs generates, edits, shares, and collaborates. Google Sheets Creates, opens, updates, and shares spreadsheets and enables comments to be added and answered. Google Slides allows presentations and also has tools for editing. Google Drive conveniently shares folders, directories, stores information and provides access to data from anywhere. Displays information on events and files and offers a simple view. Enables image and video access to Google Images and Limits access to comments, views, and edits.

WPS Office – Word, Docs, PDF, Note, Slide & Sheet

Although it is the smallest application in size, its friendly features make it the best Office App for Android. This app is a major player of all the great components that should be maintained by any perfect app. The spreadsheet, presentation, worksheet, memo, pdf, doc’s scanner, and most importantly, the word is a total fusion.

With its interactive features with Excel, Google Doc, Word, Adobe PDF, and Memo, it gives you the feeling of moving one step ahead. Due to its connectivity with Google Docs, Excel, Google Slides, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Open Office, Google sheets, and Adobe PDF, this app is the best office suite for Android. Spreadsheets are simple to create and stand out from others with this app.

Office Suite – Office, PDF, Word Sheets Slides Note

Office Suite is indeed the best Office app for Android and has held its ground for quite a long time, but this app has finally got cages and upgrades and has become a closer app to Google Drive. The free version has all the standard characteristics and has recently incorporated cloud storage features to be comparable to Microsoft OneDrive. As anyone can sign into this app from everywhere with a phone number, this app has been regarded as the best office suite for Android worldwide.

It has a very desktop-like interface and generates office papers.   It embraces most of Microsoft’s common formats and also some of the extra formats. It has advanced file sync and both local and remote file access. Sharing and spell checker features are also available to enable PDF reading, exchange, and chat features. It supports cloud storage and maintains compatibility with Microsoft when reading documents. It is present in around sixty-eight languages, offers personal profile characteristics that can manage settings and function on several documents.  It preserves the job and improves the elegance of great-themed presentations.

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SoftMaker Office Suite

Well, SoftMaker is undeniably the best Android office app that can be regarded as the Microsoft Office app’s alternate pick. This office suite contains a trio of Microsoft alternatives, such as PlanMaker (Excel), TextMaker (Word), and Presentations (PowerPoint)   (PowerPoint). It can therefore provide several services for the production of articles, presentations, and worksheets. With new ribbons and interface, this office suite has recently been updated.

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The TextMaker app can build, edit, and format texts and documents and store them in cloud storage. Even on your touchscreen device, the user interface looks as if you’re operating on your PC. The PlanMaker app allows its users to create spreadsheets and edit them. To quickly evaluate the measurement error, this app has syntax highlighting. On an Android phone, presentations allow us to format and build presentations and slides. Cloud storage is supported by this app.

Polaris Office – Word, Docs, Sheets, Slide, PDF

Would you like to figure out what makes this app the best Android office app? Well, plenty of features that no other office apps have released are the secret behind this entire app’s incredible success. Usual features such as different format support, document search, encryption, and many more are available.

It does support approximately eighteen global languages and is available for cloud services. It is just 60 MB in size and highly lightweight and supports various formats of files. It has features for the pointer and pen, and users can edit, build, open any kind of file. It is also possible to write notes and comments on PDF files. It is compliant with other office applications and stimulates user imagination. It incorporates video clips and encourages hands to compose thoughts.


Dropbox is such a versatile office app that lets your files to be stored and sorted. With its features of exchanging huge files, scanning files, and sorting files, Dropbox has become the best office app for Android. This app has great potential for other users to interact. It is an awesome app for centralizing all your directories and files.

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This app has a document scanner that converts PDF files into receipts, notes, and whiteboards. Comments and reviews can be added to the shared folder functionality in collaboration with others. It is possible to edit, view, and distribute Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Well for androids, this is the best free office app, as it can power a remote PC. You can manage the PC with this app and can use the PC monitor as a platform to view your presentations and worksheets. You can start a system, draw anything, or show charts on a remote PC using your smartphone. This is an app that creates a link between a remote PC and your phone.

It can be accessed by IT Administrators through any data or resources. It manages gateways for user accounts and ensures a multi-touch experience. It has high-quality audio and video streaming. Windows Business, Server, and Specialist remote PCs can be reached.

Smart Office – View & Edit MS Office files & PDFs

This app has a sleek interface which means that while you are on the go, you are able to handle your office job. This is probably the best Android office software that can manage all of your tasks; your reports, word files, worksheets, slides, Pdfs, along with all the tasks that your office might need to handle. The aim of this robust software is to bring the office into your device.

It seems to have all the basic features of making, editing, sharing, saving, formatting characters, inserting templates, and supporting cloud and protecting passwords. In addition, with the reflow mode, this software inserts tables, images, maps, and graphics, formats paragraphs and makes reading easier. Display, build, share, and save spreadsheets, representations, photos, and Puff files, connecting to printers wirelessly.

It carries out all PowerPoint tasks including slide management, inserts images, graphics, forms, slides and slideshow facilities with transition support. There are more than 35 languages supported. Multiple cell types are inserted, worksheets are supported, added or removed, different cell types and chart display formulas are available, and different file formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF Viewer, and many more, are available.

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