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Exciting & Memorable Facts about Diamond?

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Studies have revealed that the naturally existing birthstones are minerals, and these are energy peers of their ruling planets that have a deep concern with our physical and emotional states to feel healthy and happy. If we look back to the old traditions and current era of cultures, we can easily present a clue of the relation of twelve months of the year with the natural birthstones. This provides us a platform to relate a person’s birthstone with its zodiac sign. Among the zodiac signs, there is more than one option for you to prove yourself a lucky person for wearing more than one birthstones. It has come in my observation that Aries Birthstone that is diamond can be a peer with August Birthstone that is peridot. But this is for the adornment orientation, and for benefits, one should go for that stone that suits his personality month wise. Some numerous traits and attributes are too famous about the astonishing effects of the birthstones. Gemstones possess inconvincible characteristics that are the source of luck and happiness, cause of protection for you, and are barriers for harmful notions for the lives of owners. Therefore the conclusion is to wear the birthstone that matches your date of birth, and zodiac sign is a good idea.

Diamond is the birthstone of the month of April and is dedicated to the zodiac sign of Aries. Dates associated with the Aries are 21 March to 20 April. Those who are the owners of this range of dates of birth are thought of as very positive beings, and attributes that are related to their praise are confident, courageous, loyal, and patriot.

There are birthstones for Aries other than diamonds that are emeralds, but ancients Aries birthstones are bloodstones and amethyst. 

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The root of the name diamond is the derivative of the Greek word “ Adams” that has a meaning of “hardest metal”  that exists with the property of reflection and produces sparkling when a ray of light enters in it. Diamonds are very precious stones and are found in the world with brilliant and remarkable colors. Naturally, they occur in many colors, but the colorless and white diamonds are favorite colors among the folks.

Diamonds belong to carbon family and hardest stone in the world that have the ability to cut everything, excluding itself, and even one diamond can’t produce a starch on another diamond. None of the mineral acid or any chemical solvent affects this stone.

Diamonds are also found in different colors that are rare and have a very high value. Various diamond colors are yellow, blue, black, pink, brown, red, green, and orange. This gemstone stone appears black due to multiple inclusions, but in reality, it is not black. A diamond color is blue because of the naturally existing element boron, and yellow color in a diamond is due to the presence of nitrogen in the stone. Therefore the color of the diamond mainly depends on the level of impurity present inside the diamond. 

Why People Wear Diamonds?

From the ancient ages, the wise men believed that this stone has mystical energy. Medieval used to consider it a birthstone that can protect them from the plague. On the other hand, Romans have been relating a high level of loyalty to this gemstone. They wore the diamond on their left arm in a particular way to touch it with their skin for the transformation of energy that can develop bravery in them to save them from their enemies. 

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In 14477, a historical incident happened when Mary of Burgandy was honored with the diamond as an engagement ring from Archduke Maximilian of Austria. This was the time when the diamond was used as an engagement ring, and later it became a tradition in the elite class. Then the diamond was also used as a wedding gift, and it was also known as the 60th wedding anniversary gift.

Influential Property of Diamond for Aries

The myths about the diamond are pervasive among the Aries, and they are very strongly bonded with them. Aries thinks that this stone is beneficial for them to develop affection in the relations, to give inner energy, and to create harmony in the personality. It also balances the energy level in the owners who feel over energy in them as diamonds are the hardest stone, so they deliver a high-level confidence in the wearers.

Measurement Units of Diamond

CARAT is a unit of measurement of weight of a diamond and is abbreviated as “ct”.

One CART = 200 mg


One CARAT = 0.2 grams

Keep in mind that the weight of the diamond measured in CART and volume or size of the diamond are different entities.

One CARAT of diamond is different from the one CARAT of other gemstones as all stones are minerals and have different densities.

How to Calculate Weight of Diamond in CARAT?

For calculation of the weight of the diamond in CARAT, measure the weight of diamond using balance, and convert the weight into grams. After the conversion of the unit, divide that number by 0.2, then you will get the weight of the diamond in CARAT.

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For instance, if you measure the weight of the diamond in grams is 0.2, then divide this number by 0.2 which gives you answer 1 that is the weight of the diamond in CARAT.

Estimation of Diamond Weight in CARAT by Using Dimensions

Conversion of grams and milligrams into CARAT is very simple, but how to forward if you have no weight measuring instrument. In such case, if you know how to calculate the dimensions of the diamond, you can easily calculate its estimated weight in CARAT that is given by the following formula 

Weight in CARAT = Diameter  X Diameter X Depth X 0.006

Note the dimensions in the above formula should be measured in milligrams. 

The diameter of the diamond is a straight line that starts from one edge of the diamond, passes through the center of the diamond, and ends at the other end.

Depth is the height of the stone that starts from the top edge to the bottom edge of the stone.

For example, if the diameter of the shape of the stone is 2 mm and its depth is 4 mm, then its estimated weight in CARAT is .01 ct approximately.

What is the difference Between CARAT and KARAT?

As we have already explained that CARAT is a unit of measurement of weight of the diamond, whereas KARAT is the term used to measure the purity of gold, and pure gold is 24 KARAT.




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