Everything You Need to Know About Tummy Tuck Recovery Time

Everything You Need to Know About Tummy Tuck Recovery Time

Did you know that there were almost 130,000 tummy tucks completed in the year 2017? Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery. While knowing the tummy tuck prices is important, you should also know the tummy tuck recovery time for your tummy tuck surgery.

You also need to know what to expect when it comes to tummy tuck scars and how long to let yourself recover from your surgery. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about mini tummy tuck cost and tummy tuck recovery.

Continue reading to learn more about what to expect from your tummy tuck surgery.

Immediate Aftermath of Surgery

Tummy tucks are normally an outpatient surgery so you’ll return home the same day that your surgery gets scheduled for. You’ll find a mesh surgical dressing covering the area where the surgery gets performed as well as surgical drain tubes.

Your medical professionals will give you directions on how to take care of the incision and provide your own surgical drain care. You need to expect to be physically exhausted after surgery happens. You’ll need assistance from a friend or family member for the first 24 hours after the surgery.

Days After Surgery

The worst days on the tummy tuck recovery time are the first few days after the operation. You’ll start to feel the discomfort caused by the surgery when the anesthesia wears off. You’ll have a limited ability to move around and likely won’t be able to stand up straight. You should also expect to see bruising and inflammation in the area of the surgery.

Weeks After Surgery

After a week or two, you’ll find that the side effects of the surgery start to go away. Once you start to become more comfortable and mobile your doctor will want you to increase your physical activity levels like additional walking. Avoid strenuous activities or workouts during this time period.

You’ll also return to your doctor around this time to have your surgical wounds examined. If they’re healing appropriately then your doctor will remove your bandages and drainage tube. You’ll still need to wear compression clothes around your midsection at this point in your recovery.

One to Three Months Post-Op

After six or so weeks pass your doctor will clear you to resume your normal daily activities. This includes working out with weights and doing aerobic exercises. By this time your incision should be healed. Despite that, it is possible that the incision is still red or raised above the rest of your skin. That is part of the healing process so don’t be alarmed.

Once the inflammation caused by surgery starts to go away you’ll see the true results of the procedure. After a period of a few months, your stomach should look flat and toned like you hoped when you chose to get tummy tuck surgery.

Now You Know Your Tummy Tuck Recovery Time

When you’re preparing to get a tummy tuck surgery it is only natural to be curious about your tummy tuck recovery time. The recovery process occurs over the course of few months. The worst of the recovery period occurs in the days immediately after the procedure.

As time goes by you’ll start to feel better and resume a more mobile and active lifestyle. At the end of a few months, your body should be close to fully recovered and your tummy will be flat and toned.

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