Debunking the Most Common Dental Practice Myths That Exist Today

Debunking the Most Common Dental Practice Myths That Exist Today

Have you ever asked yourself: how often do I need to go to the dentist? Is flossing actually helpful? Kids don’t need to go to a dental practice when they have baby teeth…or do they?

These days figuring out what’s true and what’s gossip when it comes to the dental industry can be a challenge.

It can feel like a playground game of telephone. By the time you hear information, you can’t be sure if it’s true or whether or not to take it seriously.

Want to take care of your teeth but not sure how to wade through all the information? We’ve got you covered.

Read on to find out the truth behind what you’ve heard when it comes to dental health.

Myth 1: I Feel Fine, I Don’t Need to Go to the Dentist

Have you heard someone say this before? Or maybe you’ve been avoiding making an appointment. If you have no toothaches or irritated gums, you may think you’re set.

That’s not true. Your teeth need to be checked regularly. Teeth are linked to the health of your whole body.

There’s even a link between poor oral health and heart disease. You want to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. Their health will tell you a lot about your overall wellness. 

Myth 2: Brushing Teeth Harder Is Healthier

Teeth aren’t the same as a dirty window! The more elbow grease you put in when cleaning your house, the better. But it’s not so when it comes to brushing your teeth.

Ask your local dentist to show you the proper way to brush your teeth. At your next dental treatment, ask the dentist to watch how you brush and give you pointers.

If you brush too hard you can actually damage your gums and tooth enamel. You can even cause permanent gum recession. 

Myth 3: Baby Teeth Don’t Count

You may think baby teeth fall out, so why send your kids to the dentist? Or you may think it’s fine not to brush your children’s teeth too carefully. Think again!

Teaching your child to brush daily will set them up with good habits. Also, baby teeth create the space for adult teeth to grow in. Find an experienced dental practice like this family dentist.

They’ll treat the whole family and make sure your children’s teeth grow in properly. Going to a practice that can treat all ages is the best dentist option for children. They’ll have the bedside manner and tools to work with children. 

Dental Practice Myths Busted

Now you know the answers to a few dental practice myths floating around. Next time someone tells you not to brush your kid’s teeth you’ll know the truth. And you’ll know to take care of your teeth by brushing gently and frequently.

Your teeth are a great indicator of your overall health. Going to regular checkups will keep you healthy for years to come. 

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