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Best Ways to Save Money Using Push-to-Talk (PTT) Solution

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It can be a challenging task to establish effective, instant, and reliable communication within businesses regardless of their industry. The sea of incoming mails, piles of unread text messages, and several physical posts can often obscure crucial messages and make it more challenging for managers and employees alike to complete their operational duties effectively.

For these reasons, many businesses across several industries such as construction, warehouse, transportation and logistics, public emergency services, etc., are preferring the latest technology such as Skype, Trello, Google Meet, etc., over traditional & legacy methods of communication mentioned above. Moreover, as an affordable alternative, businesses are transitioning to Push-to-Talk app for use cases where establishing instant business communication between on-field and on-desk workforces is prime. A smart, strong and advanced PTT application can bridge the gap since it is both capable and cost-effective.

What is PTT?

Push-to-Talk (PTT) is an instant communication method in which participants can push a button on the PTT device to switch from voice transmission mode to voice reception mode. In simpler terms, with the push of the button, the participant(s) can speak and hear one another alternatively and one at a time.

What exactly does a strong PTT application mean? 

It means more than just a simple instant PTT communication app – it won’t just “mimic the functionality of legacy walkie-talkie devices and turn your smartphone into a walkie-talkie.” Alternatively, it will offer a strong PTT service that is both sophisticated and intelligent; an application that will also add media collaboration into the mix with additional capabilities such as location tracking, unified corporate directory, workflow management, etc., at the push of a button. 

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Moreover, a strong PTT application empowers the administrator to create certain channels (Public or private) filtered with parameters such as department, location, team, projects, etc., to establish group communication as well as one-to-one communication with ease.

Do you wish the operations of your company were better… or more economical? Let’s explore four ways a strong PTT application can add value to your businesses. 

A single communication system can reduce operational costs

Current traditional methods of communication systems in your business, such as legacy walkie-talkie devices, emails, text messages, or even voice calls, probably meet the needs of your on-desk workforces. But, it might not be the same case with on-field workforces dispersed across geographical regions. 

You could invest in obtaining walkie-talkie devices and deploy them among your on-field workforces. But, what if you invest in a sophisticated PTT application and reduce capital costs with an alternative to such a costly method? 

Your business can save a significant amount of money as well as stay free with the contingent burden of maintenance & repairing costs if walkie-talkie devices get damaged or invest in a replacement when lost. 

PTT application will empower the on-field workforces as well as the on-desk employees to maintain a harmony of instant communication wherever their job takes them.

Moreover, most PTT applications available in the market empower administrative users with the ability to create multiple channels, such as public groups (one-to-many) and private chat sessions (one-to-one). These channels can further be categorized into parameters such as location, work-shift schedule, department, team, project, etc. 

Also, since the on-field workforces will be utilizing their personal smartphone devices, the cost of device downtime and support will be eliminated, thus saving the company recurring operational costs.

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Worldwide coverage

Despite geographical boundary constraints, the Push-to-talk application facilitates instant real-time communication and collaboration between the on-field workforce and the on-site employees. 

Legacy walkie-talkie devices operate in a limited frequency area and to increase the coverage to reach wider boundaries, investment in upgraded Land Mobile Radios (LMRs) can cost various companies a fortune.

Notwithstanding the fact that, unlike traditional walkie-talkie devices, PTT apps integrated with smartphones are cost-friendly and utilize cellular data/3G/4G and WiFi, granting end-users greater connectivity than traditional walkie-talkie devices operating in limited frequency and areas.

By switching to WI-FI in a limited reception area, PTT messages will not suffer from deterioration, and application features will not be disabled that inhibit its utility, whatsoever.

Brief conversation -> More productivity -> More savings

A strong PTT application can expedite the delivery of relevant business/crucial information to concerned participants faster than any other legacy or traditional business communication method.

A study by bell.ca reveals that a foreman can save up to 49 minutes by using a strong PTT application on an average 8-hour workday – approximately 16 minutes when on 50 one-to-one calls and approximately 33 minutes when on 20 group calls and meetings.

Both the organization and the remote workforce benefit immensely from this since the number of calls is drastically reduced; thus increasing the productivity of the remote workforce and adding to greater operational efficiency.

The remote workforces can further concentrate on value-adding tasks instead of acting as go-betweens to streamline communication through lengthy communication methods and routes. Since the communication process gets streamlined, it allows businesses to reduce downtime or even eliminate it altogether.

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Opt for a solution: not just an application

For maximum savings and flexibility; an advanced push-to-talk application is an economical choice rather than just investing in a simple push-to-talk app!

Most businesses invest in several applications and suites such as Lattice Performance Engagement, Culture amp, Kudos, Kajoo, BetterCloud, RunMyProcess, Slack, Hip Chat, etc., to manage the administration, communication, and collaboration of the on-field workforces.

By investing in the productivity and engagement suite, organizations monitor, measure performance, and facilitate communication with the dispersed workforces.

By investing in the administrative suite, organizations utilize features such as location tracking, organizing the work shift schedules with clock-in & clock-out, management of workflow, unified corporate directory management, and so on.

By investing in the communication suite, organizations utilize features such as VoIP calls, text messaging, emails, video conferencing, bridge calls, etc.

To cut down costs on several applications, organizations across various verticals can choose the NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk application to cater to their business needs. It is a comprehensive bundle of features designed to empower organizations to increase their on-field workforce productivity by providing Push-to-Talk communication solutions and productivity, engagement, and administrative suite.

Closing lines…

Push-to-Talk technology has the potential for a cost-saving revolution for businesses. However, its potential can only be tapped into if there are features available beyond immediate Push-to-Talk communication. 

Implementing a budget-friendly all-in-one communication, productivity, engagement, and collaboration suite that enables facilities beyond rapid communication between different departments in the organization or between different industry domains with a single press of a button can realize significant cost savings for businesses. 

Among the newer versions of PTT apps on the market, NuovoTeam stands out as one such PTT app that has contributed to the rising prominence of these newer versions among other vendors available in the market.

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