5 Ways to Take Care of Your Custom Neon Signs

Custom Neon Signs

Neon signboards draw the attention of customers to your business even during the day. However, the real shine is in the darkness. Nowadays, many businesses are investing in custom neon signs. They experience an increase in brand awareness & sales when opting for a customized option. It’s because they get a design that matches their business tone and the opportunity to deliver uniqueness. This pulls out more attention! But with the gradual use, the sign starts looking a bit dingy as the glow reduces. That, of course, you never want. Here I will break down some cleaning & maintaining tips that keep your custom neon signboards always looking fresh. 

➤Installation on a Safe Location

This point is generally a pre-step before installing your neon sign. Make sure to think about the safest place that not only gets more onlookers but keeps the sign protected for a number of years. Avoid hanging it on the people’s way; otherwise, there will be more chances of falling. Also, keep in mind the external elements like extreme heat or water areas to avoid damages or accidents. 

➤Careful Cleaning

Every neon sign needs cleaning from time to time. The sign will have some dust which impacts its shine. Firstly switch off the light before cleaning. In case you have hung it in a high place, then unplug it to make the cleaning feasible for you. Clean it with a soft yet tidy cloth or use a gentle brush to clean the small areas of glass tubes. Look for neon sign cleaners that are free of hazardous chemicals and do the cleaning correctly. 

➤Take Utmost Care When Handling

Do you know the glass tubes contain gas? Yes, so we need to be more careful when handling the sign. Before cleaning, ensure there is no crack or unwrapped pipe. If so, then ask your provider about repair or replacement. In addition, many professionals offering custom neon signs in Canada or nearby your place give a warranty, and any damage to the glass tube during a warranty period can be easily replaced or repaired without extra charges or charge you minimal (in case of no warranty). 

➤Unplug Only When Necessary

To keep your neon sign running for a longer period, then avoid plugging & unplugging frequently. This ends up with wear & tear of the glass tubes. Only unplug while cleaning or getting a repair. Moreover, neon signs consume less energy so, you don’t need to stress about your electricity bills too much. 

➤Be Certain Signs are Free from Bugs

Bugs come close to the light, and that’s why while cleaning, you will see many bugs on it. Bugs can easily attract people even if the sign is installed indoors. Plus, they will block the light view, which will not look appealing to anyone. For that, you need to use some preventive measures that stop bugs from coming near to your light. 

Proper maintenance is key to keep your customized neon sign stay long. Therefore, save your wallet from unnecessary repairs.

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