Why protect your employees?

Why protect your employees?

Employee protection is becoming a more sought-after benefit throughout all industries. From office work to supermarkets, staff want to know that they are protected if anything happens and that they have security should they become sick – we can’t help our health. 

It can seem like an expensive investment to make, but there are actually heaps of advantages to taking the next step. From higher retention levels to a relaxed and happy workplace, you’ll find that things change for the better when your employees feel as though you care about them. 

What is Business Health Insurance? 

The way business health insurance UK works are very similar to an individual health insurance plan. The main difference is that it is taken out by the employers in order to cover all of their employees, which tends to mean good savings as there are multiple plans. 

If your employee becomes unwell and is diagnosed with a medical condition, they will have access to private health care. The health insurance covers the vast majority of the medical costs while the employee is left to pay a small excess (determined by the plan chosen). 

This ensures that your employees have access to urgent medical care quickly and state-of-the-art technology to provide necessary treatments and help them to recover quickly. In turn, this means they are likely to be back to work faster – it’s a win-win situation for everyone. 

Why Should You Offer Health Insurance to Your Employees? 

Business health insurance should be offered to your employees for several reasons. For starters, they are likely to benefit from the following (and more):

  • Access to high standards of healthcare for a wide range of illnesses and conditions, including mental health and musculoskeletal conditions
  • Shorter waiting times for treatment and generally more accessible hours
  • More personalized care, based on their preferences
  • Sometimes the policy will cover their family members, too
  •  24-hour GP or nurse practitioner phoneline
  • Access to therapy 

It’s not just these benefits that stand out, however, there is also plenty for you as well. To start with, faster treatment times mean that your staff is back to full health quicker, and while this does mean they can get back to work it also means they are getting cared for properly. 

There is less stress for them as they have immediate access to doctors and healthcare if they ever feel concerned or unwell. In the office, this added relaxation means they will be able to focus more on work rather than constantly worrying about when they can get an appointment. 

Healthcare plans that include family members add to this increased motivation and productivity as they know that their loved ones are covered and that if anything happens they are taken care of and can keep working to support their family member while they recover. 

Most of all, you will see an increase in employee retention. Your staff is more likely to stick around when they know they are cared about and protected. You’re building trust and a caring community that your staff wants to be a part of. 

To Conclude

Protecting your employees is so important, both from the perspective of a business owner and someone who cares about their workers. It benefits them, and you’ll reap the rewards of better employee retention and a more motivated workforce. Your employees deserve the peace of mind, and that’s why they deserve health care. 

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