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Utility of Rolling Trays Materials – A Guide on Price and Quality

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What are rolling trays? 

Rolling trays are made from wood, metal, and plastic specifically designed to offer stable support for rolling in the perfect joints and blunts – while making sure not even a single grain is wasted. 


Why do you need rolling trays? 

You require a flat surface to roll a blunt or a joint. 

However fat, long, thin, or short your joint might be, you will need a clean and flat surface to perfectly roll a blunt/joint. 

Yes, you can use something else that is flat, like a plate – but the rolling trays are specifically designed for this purpose only. The rolling tray comes with flat bottoms, offering smooth rolling along with raised sides for reducing spillage of the precious filling – hemp/tobacco, etc. 

What else? 

The tray can also be used to keep your smoking accessories all in one place. While most trays have a straightforward design, some come with feature compartments to keep the rolled blunts, joints, and other accessories. 

The best part is the versatility and affordability of a rolling tray – as these range from basic models to custom, and to oh my GOD – the gold-plated raw rolling tray. 

But do you need a gold-plated one or those oh-so-elite ones? 

Let’s find out: how to choose a perfect rolling tray.

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Rolling Trays 101

What becomes a factor in selecting a perfect rolling tray? There are multiple factors one must consider before buying a tray:

Tray Size

It depends 


  • Whether you are planning to roll a single joint or several in one go? 
  • What is the size of your joints/blunts? 
  • How much room do you require? 
  • Your use – whether you plan to use the rolling tray at home or on the go? 

All these factors will influence your choice, as size must follow function – so think carefully about what you will use the tray for. 

While bigger trays offer most space, these are difficult to transport. In contrast, the smaller ones are easily transported yet do not offer you sufficient rolling space. 

Larger trays might be helpful if you struggle or spill the reefer while rolling. Large trays are mostly helpful for people with lower levels of fine motor controls or ones with shaky hands. 

Tray Materials

The materials used in the trays manufacturing hold the question of durability and usability. 

Plus, these materials have pros and cons

Metal Rolling Tray

Metals trays work well and offer great opportunity while being moderately priced – but metal trays are harder to clean once dirty – remember never to scratch their finish. If the metal trays are not taken care of, they might end up rusting, and rust is something you never want to be near you while smoking. 

On the other side, it takes a lot to break a metal rolling tray – and even if you go hulk on them to try to break them, it still won’t break or shatter; you might only have a tray with a dent in it, at the worst. 

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Plastic Rolling Tray

A plastic rolling tray is the most affordable of the bunch. 

However, these are not as durable as wood or metal. You will need to take care of the plastic as you do it for the metal ones while cleaning – be sure never to scratch the plastic.


Because it could negatively affect surface and coating, making reefer stick worse and more, also potentially flaking into the herbs. 

Wood Rolling Tray

Out of all options, wood is thought to be the ideal owing to its design versatility and overall material durability. 

Wood trays cost a bit more, but these are also not the easiest to clean, depending on their specific coating. These trays also vary in weight depending on the wood used for manufacturing. 

Fancy..Fancy Option; 

Glass Rolling Tray

The fanciest of them all is the glass rolling tray. 

Glass trays are durable and easy to clean, but they are quite heavy to transport and will shatter if dropped. Like the wood alternative, the glass trays also call for a higher price, owing to the quality factors. 

Other Options 

You can also go for the more exotic options, including ceramic and stone but be ready to pay some extra for their exclusiveness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To sum up

Plastic is cheaper but not much more durable than metal while being hard to clean. Wood trays might be the best bet, but these are more expensive than metal and plastic. Glass rolling trays are easy to clean but are pricier, heavier, and might shatter if dropped. 

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Final Word

Modest rolling trays might look like everyday equipment; however, their simplicity must never be considered a lack of utility. A good quality tray will make your rolling the herbs experience much better, cleaner contained, and easier – letting you focus on what’s important: a perfectly rolled blunt or joint. 

Get in touch with Puff Puff Pass It for the best quality rolling trays and information on how to use them. 

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