Top 5 Ways To Conserve Electricity At Home By Smart Power Strip

Top 5 Ways To Conserve Electricity At Home By Smart Power Strip

With so many gadgets and possibilities to use electricity every day, various methods can reduce output. When it comes to energy, heating, or cooling strategies, it depends on many factors since some people want to do more things with less electricity. Others have used energy-saving technologies such as intelligent heaters, efficient light switches, and even intelligent power strips to adopt a more contemporary approach. A smart power strip can be one of the best methods to save electricity and reduce our power consumption in all these strategies.

So how does an intelligent power strip help you save electricity? Is it worthy enough investment to consider for your home or office? If you want to reduce the power consumption of your place, an intelligent power strip is a perfect option for you. Read on to know more about these power strips and various ways to help you save electricity.

What is an intelligent power strip?

A smart power strip is a block of electrical sockets that connects to the end of a flexible wire (usually with a mains connector on the other end) to enable numerous electrical equipment to be secured from a single electrical socket. When several electrical devices are nearby, such as audio, video, computer networks, refrigerators, power tools, and lights, power strips are often utilized. A circuit breaker is frequently included in smart power strips to stop the electric current in case of overloading.

If you use appliances that will draw more electricity, you may go for a 30 amp extension cord. It will ensure that your device gets a constant power supply without any fluctuation from other sources.

How can a smart power strip save electricity?

Adding an intelligent power strip in your house is a cost-effective and straightforward method to begin saving money and making your home more environmentally sustainable. Here are some ways through which an intelligent power strip helps you conserve electricity:

1. Protects from vampire load:

Many households and companies in the United States have numerous computers, televisions, tablets, and other electronic gadgets constantly on standby. While these technological advancements are unquestionably beneficial, they also result in an overabundance of devices that use power even when switched off. This squandered energy, termed “vampire load,” is a specific target for energy conservation solutions.

According to a survey, vampire loads add $200 to the typical household’s annual energy expenditures. This wasted energy is enough to light 11 million homes in total.

There is a simple, cost-effective, and noninvasive method to combat vampire load. You may replace regular power strips with intelligent power strips to reduce the amount of energy lost while electronics are not in use. Smart power strips can be added in living rooms, home offices, companies, and any other room or structure that contains many electrical gadgets.

2. Smart power strips with voice assistants:

Most smart power outlets let you name each socket to make it easier to recognize them while using voice commands. So, instead of saying, “Hey Alexa, turn on plug one,” you could say, “Alexa, turn on the Mac charger.” When used, this causes minimal misunderstanding and also sounds more natural. This is also a valuable tool for individuals who work from home. If you connect all of your workplace devices into a smart power strip, a single phrase like “Hey Google, it’s time for work” might have your whole workspace ready in seconds.

This saves you the hassle of switching each appliance on one by one and generating an additional load on the primary socket since a power strip divides it.

3. It comes with a timer:

You may schedule ports to turn off at a particular time in addition to switching them on. This allows you to conserve energy in your house with less effort on your part, which is particularly beneficial if you or someone you reside with is often distracted. If you have a very tight daily pattern, you can program your power strips to operate your gadgets precisely when you need them, obviating the need for voice commands entirely. No voice command is required for your power strip to work around the timetable you specify.

4. Automatic cut off:

Smart power strips offer environmental advantages in addition to the convenience they give. Some can identify when a device is drawing less power without being used and turn off all electricity to that device, conserving energy. It may help you save money on your energy bill while also reducing your power use.

5. It senses motion:

When no movement is detected, the intelligent power strips identify any indications of inactivity in the room and switch off the power. Occupancy sensors regulate the outlets, which may switch off or on instantly when the room is active. If you don’t want them to turn off when you exit space for a brief period, you may set a waiting time. Infrared (IR) sensors detect activity through remote controllers found in intelligent power strips.

In conclusion

Power strips are beneficial since they assist users in avoiding overcrowding electrical outlets and preventing them from wasting energy. The ways mentioned above are just some of the methods that smart power strips apply to save electricity. They also aid in the distribution of electricity to appliances. Efficiency means less time waiting for gadgets to charge and less wasted energy. It will be less time-consuming, power-efficient, and help you save money in the long run.

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