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05 Resources & Tips To Improve Your Academic Writing Skill

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Students often get stuck while solving school and university assignments. They get tensed and wonder who would help them out of the dire straits. What if I told you that you need not rely on anyone and solve the questions by yourself?

Yes, it is possible to be self-dependent if you want to enhance your academic writing skills. All you need to do is pore through the resources available online. But you need to look for the problem and solution papers in the right place. Read along to know what exactly you must go through.

1. Online University Libraries

Every subject has different writing styles. Whether you are solving STEM subjects or Humanities assignments, you are almost certain to get answers from university libraries. You will find solved academic papers and even references. For technology, you can go through the online portal of MIT, University of Cambridge, Technische Universitat Munchen, etc.

For disciplines of Arts, you can explore the libraries of the Royal College of Art, Politecnico di Milano, RMIT University, and so on. Similarly, for other subjects, type the “subject” name and look for universities around the world offering the best courses. You can even check out the British Council, Google Books, Internet Archive, etc.

2. Samples Section of Academic Service Providers

Academic service providers offer not only academic assistance but also valuable resources. In the repositories, you will find solved assignments, with the help of which you can solve your academic papers. You can check out MyAssignmenthelp.com, Allessaywriter.com, etc.

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Since the assignments are solved by Ph.D. experts or scholars with masters’ degrees, the papers are of the highest quality, consisting of updated information. You can observe the writing styles, the formatting style, and word count management in the papers.

3. Online Student Forums and Google Scholar

If you have the will, you will receive help from anywhere and there are cheap essay writing service available online. To check out the writing pattern and standards of other students, you can browse through the online student forums. You will even find valuable tips in the education groups on Facebook.

If you wish to get a glimpse of the writing style of the accomplished authors, visit Google Scholar. It consists of millions of published journals and e-books. Apart from the writing style, you can collect graphs, statistics, and the latest data from the documents.

4. Blog Posts and Websites

Besides the resources mentioned above, you can go through blog posts and websites to gain better insights. Most of the online articles are crafted by industry specialists, successful authors, subject matter experts, and professors. As you can realize, you will get optimum support if you are struggling with your academic write-ups.

As mentioned earlier, you have to be very specific with the subject name and the topic. If you want to write an essay on a history-based topic, feel free to check out the History of the Ancient World. Or you can go through Love of History, The History Blog, etc. Similarly, if you want to write about storm formation, follow Internet Geography, National Geographic, and understand the structure of the write-up.

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5. Online Learning Platforms

Last but not least, you can also check out the solved assignments or peer-reviewed papers at the eLearning platforms. These sites are famous for offering courses. But it also consists of solved examples that the students have to complete as part of the program. You will find answers to a wide range of disciplines like Arts, Economics, Business Management, Law, etc.

The eLearning platforms include Coursera, edX, Khan Academy (especially useful for the school students). And, if you want a clarification of any topic, you can check out YouTube videos. You must remember that until you have a detailed insight into the subject matter, a good writing style won’t save you.

You might have realized that knowledge is of paramount importance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to write any answers. And, as for the writing style, you should always stick to the guidelines provided by your academic institution.

On the other hand, if you are hell-bent on improving your sentence construction, you can do the following things:

a). Brush up your grammar and check out eight parts of speech

b). Focus on simple sentence construction

c). Check out punctuation usage

d). Try to insert emotive words to evoke a response from readers.

e). Include transition words to ensure a smooth reading experience.

f). Improve your vocabulary by learning ten words a day.

g). Read storybooks, journals, and all sorts of write-ups.

If you stick to the suggestions stated above, you will see your writing standard getting refined with time. So, it all boils down to practice in the end. The more you persevere, the better you will be able to overcome your shortcomings.

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