5 Tips to Buy Affordable Refurbished iPhone

5 Tips to Buy Affordable Refurbished iPhone

The iPhone has been dominating the mobile space for years. Apple has done a tremendous job marketing its line of phones and they have exploded in popularity. Despite being around since 2007, the iPhone continues to lead the charge. It appears the phone will never go out of style. With its popularity comes a caveat, however. 

The iPhones models are quite expensive. The iPhone 12 Max retails for $1,199. Getting the cheaper options can still hurt your wallet. The iPhone 12 pro starts at $999, while the iPhone 12 will run you $799. The cheapest option is the iPhone 12 Mini at $699.

Simply put, iPhones come with a premium price tag. This is why for many, buying a new iPhone isn’t feasible. This can also be true for those who have an iPhone but it somehow suffered damage and now a replacement is needed. With the brand new models being priced so high, what is another option? 

There will always be third-party sellers who are offering iPhones used at a lower cost. For some, however, getting a refurbished model is preferred as it’s more likely that whatever was wrong with the product before is now fixed for a longer period of time.

Used Or Refurbished?

Those looking to buy iPhones from third-party sellers may be wondering what’s the difference between a used product and one that has been refurbished. Used products are sold as-is. The seller will fill out a description of the product’s imperfections as well as provide images of the used item. 

When a product is listed as being refurbished, that means the item has gone through rigorous testing to ensure it meets quality standards to be sold. Some retail stores sell refurbished products but the third-party sellers will usually have the best deals. Be cautious, however, as you can’t trust all sellers.

Option #1 – eBay

eBay is by far the most popular option for those looking to buy products used or refurbished. Of course, that includes iPhones. Whether you’re bidding on an auction or using the “Buy It Now” option, there is bound to be a great deal on used phones. eBay has just about every model of the iPhones available for purchase, even the 2007 model. 

Make sure you’re looking to purchase the later models with 4G. When surfing through eBay, some deals are indeed too good to be true. Be sure to look at a seller’s rating and click on their profile to see how many items they have sold on eBay. If the seller has poor feedback or doesn’t have much of a history on the site, avoid it.

Option #2 – UpTradeit.com

Uptrade specializes in selling smartphones. The company buys used products from its customers. From there, these items are put through a thorough inspection to ensure they are ready to be sold. The website lets potential buyers know the condition of each iPhone and whether or not the phone is under a carrier or unlocked. If it’s under a carrier, then Uptrade will let you know the company.

Option #3 – Decluttr

Decluttr buys and sells smartphones, video game consoles, and other tech items. They also run a test for all devices before they are sold. Decluttr offers certified refurbished iPhones. Decluttr is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an “Excellent” Trustpilot rating with over 17,000 reviews. Decluttr promises that its checks detect whether an iPhone has been lost or stolen. They also check to see if each iPhone’s battery is healthy. Along with that, Decluttr ensures that all personal data from the previous owner has been removed. The website says it checks for over 100 potential faults.

Option #4 – Carriers

This may not be the cheapest route or a desirable route if you wish for an unlocked iPhone, but you can get refurbished models inside stores of a wireless carrier. This ranges from AT&T to T-Mobile and more. The wireless carriers also have a testing procedure in place before selling any refurbished devices. Unlike eBay, Gazelle, and Decluttr, the refurbished iPhones in the stores of wireless carriers are in short supply. If you want to go this route, you may have to do some digging around throughout multiple locations.

Option #5 – Apple

Apple does indeed sell refurbished versions of its own products. The company promises customers “like new” devices when they purchase a certified refurbished item. Apple says it uses its own certified replacement parts for any device that needs them. All refurbished items will also come with a new battery and a new outer shell. It’ll also come with all the cables and accessories you would expect if you purchased a new iPhone. Each certified refurbished product from Apple comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Purchasing a new iPhone at retail price is a bit much for some to make the purchase. Just because you aren’t willing to pay full price doesn’t mean you have to be left in the dust. The options listed here are great for anyone looking to get an iPhone and don’t mind it being refurbished. 

The cost will be lower and if you play your cards right, you’ll be getting a phone that is about as brand new as one can possibly get for being refurbished. It’s all about doing your due diligence beforehand.

Getting a great deal on used phones on eBay is doable but you have to be on the lookout for fraudulent sellers. Gazelle’s bread and butter is in selling and buying smartphones. Decluttr is similar and like Gazelle, it also has a rigorous testing process. Wireless carriers may be convenient if one is located by you but they do tend to have a limited supply of refurbished iPhones. 

Apple may not be the cheapest route for refurbished iPhones but it’s pretty much guaranteed that your device will be in perfect working order and will last if you make the purchase from them.

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