The Tussle Between Digital Marketing And Traditional Marketing Methods

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The Tussle Between Digital Marketing And Traditional Marketing Methods

Do you ever wonder why most businesses opt to hire a digital marketing agency instead of going for a more orthodox approach by making good use of the traditional marketing methods?

Read the blog till the end to know what separates the two.

Channels of both the marketing methods in the modern-day.

Channels of traditional marketing methods

  • Broadcasting
  • Outdoor
  • Print
  • Telemarketing
  • Window display and signs
  • Direct mail

Channels of digital marketing

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing
  • PPC (pay per click)
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • SEM (search engine marketing)

Now that we have taken a lot at the channels, let us get to know more about the pros and cons of both methods.

1. Pros of traditional marketing methods

  • Very impactful and quite easy

A normal billboard is probably one of the best ways to get through to the people as most of the people will pass by it. They are quite simple and often are very entertaining too.

  • Marketing materials that are printed are permanent

Think of it like this, in case you have an advert in some famous magazine, then it will stay like that until the magazine decides to recycle that edition. These things play out even better if the customer is a collector.

  • More memorable

If you see something in person instead of seeing it on a device, you are more likely to remember it. It is more likely that you remember the date of the el Classico if it was on a billboard with an impressive display instead if you just saw it on Instagram.

2. Cons of traditional marketing methods

  • Quite difficult to measure campaigns

There are only a couple of tools that you can use to measure the campaign results just like the brand tracker but these tools are nowhere near as good as the ones that they use in digital marketing.

  • It is often expensive

In case you are new to all of the business, you may find it very hard to make the funds for your campaigns. There are plenty of traditional marketing methods that can make you spend a considerate amount of money.

  • There is no direct interaction with the customer

You have zero ideas as to how the audience has reacted to your marketing efforts, mainly because you are in the dark, unlike social media marketing.

3. Pros of digital marketing method

  • Plenty of options for engagement

With the help of channels like social media marketing, you can simply see what the audience thinks about your marketing efforts. If the marketing gets shared, liked, and commented a lot on, you will get to know that it is a win-win situation for you.

  • Easy to measure all campaigns

Opposite to traditional marketing, the specifications of marketing tracking in digital marketing are way better. This makes it way easier for you to understand your mistakes so you can learn from them for the next round of your marketing efforts.

  • Clever targeting becomes possible because of it

If you have the right audience in your reach with exactly the ingredients that you need, all this makes it relatively easy for you to write the best content.

4. Cons of digital marketing method

  • Digital ads can be annoying at times

You can imagine how annoying it seemingly becomes when you are going through your feed looking at memes when all of a sudden, an ad comes up that has the solution to something that you Googled last night. This type of clever targeting can often lead the user to dislike the very brand instantly.

  • Less permanent

Many digital marketing efforts or social media ads can have a very temporary character. You can just simply ignore them as they are quite intangible as well. In case what you had planned ignores your ad, your plan will be simply laid in waste as your ad will be gone as soon as they move forward.

  • Constant change

You will always need to keep up with the changing ways of digital marketing. Every channel has its very own specialization, be it social media or search engine marketing. You will need a professional who does best what he does if you are to reach the top. If you want to, you can start at the grassroots social media marketing and from there on you can move forward.

You can analyze the two and decide for yourself as to which one can help your business to grow better and in a more convenient manner.


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