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The 8 Best Hoverboards for Kids

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On this page, we would like to introduce you to our 8 favorite big wheel hoverboards for children. In addition, you will find helpful tips for the purchase decision, a detailed bestseller list, and current offers for children’s hoverboards.

Original Robway hoverboard for children with ranges up to 15 km and Samsung brand battery (Robway)

1) Two 350-watt motors ensure a maximum speed of 15 km/h and a range of up to 15 km

2) also suitable for tall children and adults (can be loaded up to 120 kg)

3) chic lighting with LED headlights and LED strips

4) integrated speakers ensure music enjoyment while driving

5) Available in many different designs for boys and girls

Powerful hoverboard for children with a registration weight of 20-100 kg (RCB)

1) reaches a maximum speed of 12 km/h

2) the permitted weight is up to 100 kg

3) has colored LEDs and the ability to play music via Bluetooth

4) available in some stylish finishes suitable for both boys and girls

German quality hoverboard for children with 6.5-inch tires ‘HX310s’ (Bluewheel Electromobility)

1) the top speed is 15 km/h

2) at full load, a range of approx. 15 km is achieved

3) music can be played and the hoverboard can be adjusted via a Bluetooth connection

4) Real-time sensors ensure increased safety, which is very practical for beginners and children

The hoverboard is one of the most popular means of transport for older children and teenagers. Although hardly any effort is required due to the electric drive, concentration, coordination and balance are promoted. The children’s hoverboard is also a welcome way to encourage children aged 10 and over to play in the fresh air.

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The most important in a nutshell:

1) Hoverboards are generally recommended for children aged 10 and over. The operation and use require a certain maturity and health assessment of risk and danger.

2) Children’s hoverboards can travel up to 15 km/h. From this speed comes a certain danger that children should be able to assess.

3) Hoverboards weigh about 10-15 kilograms, depending on the model. Children should be able to lift this weight themselves in order to be able to carry the board in case of an empty battery or an unsuitable surface.

4) When buying, attention should be paid to the minimum load weight of the hoverboard. If your child is too light for the board, it can lead to uncontrolled acceleration or skidding.

5) The risk of injury when driving a hoverboard is not insignificant for children. Therefore, protective equipment, such as a children’s helmet, should be worn in any case.

Other recommended Segways for kids

Hoverboard for children with a 500-watt drive (Gyroor)

【Offroad Hoverboard】GYROOR Self Balancing Scooter features high quality 6.5-inch off-road tires made of high quality rubber. Driving on grass,…

【Latest Design】The hoverboard was born with the latest design in 2022. Colorful light-emitting pedals and pretty LED lights will be…

【Intelligent Hoverboard】Built-in high-quality Bluetooth music speakers, driving modes for kids and adults. In the APP, you can…

【Ideal as gifts】This self balancing hoverboard is very easy to learn. It is the best hoverboard for children, teenagers and…

【Warranty】One year warranty on the hoverboard and six months warranty on the battery. 

Children’s hoverboard with LED lights and 2 powerful 350W motors (GeekMe)

✓Our main product – GM JD5 Self Balance Scooter for teen, which is equipped with a fourth generation intelligent balancing technology,…

✓Survival depends on the quality – We appreciate all the tiny components. Each scooter is subject to strict quality control according to…

✓9 Safety Control System – One-Button Operation / Intelligent Error Detection / Intelligent Weight Sensing / Temperature Detection /…

✓ Latest Design – With attractive, vivid RDV and LED lights on the self-balancing scooter engine and fuselage. Driving in the evening is GREAT…

✓ WARRANTY – 24-hour response service. 30 days right of return. 1-year warranty against mechanical defects. 

Hoverboard children with 6.5-inch solid rubber tires – Made in Germany (Wheelheels)

↳ MARKET LEADER: With the 5.8Ah Li-Ion battery made in Germany, the City Cruiser has more than twice the capacity compared to…

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↳ DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER: Wheelheels is the only company based in Germany, which is responsible for both the development, production, production, production…

↳ THE PERFECT BASIC MODEL: 6.5-inch solid rubber tire, perfect for flat surfaces

↳ UNCOMPLICATED: Speed levels adjustable directly on the device (6 km/h, 15 km/h, 25 km/h)

↳ SAFETY: Redundant sensors prevent sudden shut down while driving and battery overheating

Colorful children’s hoverboard with Samsung brand battery and 700 watts of motor power (Robway)

✔ Original Robway ✔ Lithium Ion Battery with Samsung Cells ✔ Self Balance ► Stabilizes itself

✔ 36 Volt 144 Wh ✔ 2 x 350 Watt Motors ✔ Speed 15 Km/h ✔ 6,5 inch Tire ✔ Range up to 15 Km

✔ High quality by German dealers ► Robway App ► GPS localization in real time ► Customizable driving behavior ► Self-diagnosis

✔ Bluetooth ► Integrated speakers ► Music ✔ Led ribbons with color change ✔ Led headlights

✔ Children Safety Mode ✔ 120 Kg Payload ✔ Climbing Ability 15 degrees ✔ Including Carrying Bag ✔ Gyro Sensors ✔ Protection Class IP 5

Powerful off-road hoverboard for children ‘Bluewheel HX510’ (Bluewheel Electromobility)

✔ Original Robway ✔ Lithium-Ion Battery with Samsung Cells ✔ Self Balance ► Stabilizes itself

✔ 36 Volt 144 Wh ✔ 2 x 350 Watt Motors ✔ Speed 15 Km/h ✔ 6,5-inch Tire ✔ Range up to 15 Km

✔ High quality by German dealers ► Robway App ► GPS localization in real time ► Customizable driving behavior ► Self-diagnosis

✔ Bluetooth ► Integrated speakers ► Music ✔ Led ribbons with color change ✔ Led headlights

✔ Children Safety Mode ✔ 120 Kg Payload ✔ Climbing Ability 15 degrees ✔ Including Carrying Bag ✔ Gyro Sensors ✔ Protection Class IP 5

Children’s hoverboard with go-kart attachment (RCB)

▶ 【HoverBoards + Hoverkart】Perfect combination of 6.5 inch hoverboard and sturdy seat. Turn your hoverboard into a go-kart, which is what the…

▶ 【Easy installation and operation】Installing the hoverboard on the hoverboard is very easy. A few minutes are enough to…

▶ 【Excellent performance】Equipped with a high-quality battery, the Self Balance hoverboards offer you enough power and a…

▶ 【Protection and safety】We attach great importance to the safety of our product. Diffuse LED for night driving / Refractory shell /…

▶ 【Customer Service and Warranty】All products purchased in our shop are covered by the warranty. All our customers can benefit from our…

Bestseller: Hoverboard Kids

The following list shows the best-selling hoverboards for children from Amazon.de. This list is a good starting point for your purchase decision.

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Which products are particularly popular with purchases?

Only products that inspire customers sustainably make it into the following list. Bad products quickly get bad reviews on Amazon and quickly disappear from the list. So you can use the sandboxes listed here as a starting point for your purchase decision.

What are the different types of hoverboards for children?

The three most common types are the classic hoverboard, monowheel, and one wheel:

The classic hoverboard

The classic hoverboard is a roller board with an electric drive and two wheels. It has no handlebar, relatively low weight, and narrow tires. The control is carried out via the weight shift. Its acquisition costs can be found in the lower price segment.

The Monowheel

This is an electric unicycle, which belongs to the category of self-balancing scooters. Its compact design makes it easy to fit anywhere and makes it easier to move within crowds.

The One Wheel

The One Wheel is one of the electronic skateboards with the difference that it has only one wheel. Forays through the forest and meadow are no problem with the One Wheel.

The health and educational aspect of the hoverboard for children

Riding the hoverboard encourages the offspring to exercise in the fresh air, which has been proven to reduce stress and improve the ability to concentrate.

Interacting with like-minded people prevents social isolation, trains social skills, and helps make new friends.

But coordination and a sense of balance are also subject to the promotion.

Children’s Hoverboard FAQ: Your Questions – Our Answers

We would like to answer some frequently asked questions in the following section. In particular, it should be about the minimum age, the price, recommended manufacturers, and much more.

When are children allowed to ride a hoverboard?

Most manufacturers give an age recommendation of 10 years for their hoverboards. However, it is mainly important to pay attention to the respective maturity of the child and the weight. The child should already have an excellent body balance and be able to assess risk and danger. In addition, the minimum load weight of the respective model must not be undercut under any circumstances.

How much does a children’s hoverboard cost?

Most hoverboards are equipped with powerful motors and price-intensive batteries. That’s why the prices for hoverboards are not exactly low. From 150 euros, you can already buy usable models. If you want a hoverboard, of German brand quality, you have to put up to 280 euros on the table.

Where can I ride a hoverboard?

Hoverboards may only be used on different surfaces, such as courtyards. On the road or public roads, the boards are not allowed because of their maximum speed above 6 km/h. Find out more on wissen.de.

Which manufacturers of hoverboards are recommended?

From their own experience, our editors can recommend these three brands in particular: Bluewheel Electromobility, RCB, Robway, and Wheelheels. Wheelheels even manufactures its hoverboards in Germany – a sign of excellent quality.

How fast does a hoverboard travel?

The maximum speed of hoverboards for children is usually between 10 and 15 km/h. The speed can be controlled by tilting your own body on the Segway.

How much does a hoverboard for children weigh?

If the battery of the hoverboard is empty, it can unfortunately no longer be used and must be carried home. Therefore, weight plays a not insignificant role. An ordinary hoverboard for children weighs between 8 and 12 kg.

How long does the battery of a hoverboard last?

As a rule, a fully charged battery is guaranteed to require a driving pleasure of about 2 hours.

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