Some views of silicone manufacturers on silicone products

Some views of silicone manufacturers on silicone products

Silicone manufacturers may have relatively professional views on silicone products, here we take products made of medical-grade silicone as an example. What exactly do dog foot pads do? This question troubles us. As more and more people keep dogs, people who lead dogs can be seen everywhere on the street. Don’t look at the dog running around every day, the feet are fine, in fact, the dog’s feet are much more fragile than we think, but few breeders pay attention to the dog’s feet.

It is precisely because these negligences may cause great harm to the dog, that the role of the dog foot patch is reflected. Buying the dog foot patch can protect the dog’s feet well. Silicone manufacturers can give you a satisfactory answer. Such silicone products The material is medical grade silicone, which is an excellent material with very stable biocompatibility.

Silicone manufacturers and silicone products

The dog’s feet are exposed outside for a long time, and there is no protection measure. It is not safe and unsanitary to run around for a long time. Most shovelers will put shoes on the dog, but the dog will be very uncomfortable. If If you think this is medical-grade silicone, then you are wrong. Resisting, it is difficult to adapt to it, so that the road will not go, and it is very easy to slip. The dog’s foot patch is different, it can protect the dog’s footwell, will not let it hurt, and will not cause the dog to resist.

Silicone manufacturers have a standardized production process for silicone products. The dog foot patch is made of silicone and nanomaterials, which are soft and elastic, environmentally friendly, healthy and not easy to breed bacteria. It is comfortable, breathable and elastic to use.

Influence of medical-grade silicone on product performance

Medical grade silicone has many benefits, not only is it environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but it also has great physical properties. The bottom is designed with anti-slip particles, which have a super anti-slip effect, and can prevent dogs from being scratched by stones when walking to the greatest extent. In summer, the weather is hot and the cement floor is hot from the sun. Hot and waterproof, the dog foot stickers are made of waterproof technology, and the stickiness is strong and should not fall off. Don’t worry about falling off when swimming in the rain. Silicone manufacturers’ mission is to present the best quality custom silicone products to customers.

How to use the dog’s foot sticker: Wash the dog’s foot, then dry it with a cloth, tear off the backing paper, and stick it on the dog’s foot with a suitable size.

There are a variety of specifications and colors for dog foot stickers to choose from. You can choose according to your own needs, and the colors can be customized.

In conclusion

Therefore, the role of the dog foot patch is to protect the dog’s feet, let the dog run happily, reduce the damage, let the dog grow up healthily, and let the shovel officer rest assured. medical grade silicone makes silicone products reliable It has been raised to a level that makes silicone manufacturers and customized product consumers very satisfied. A suitable dog foot patch, use it with confidence.