Sleeping Positions That Help With a Better Love Life

Sleeping Positions That Help With a Better Love Life

If things have cooled down a bit in the bedroom and you’re looking to bring yourself and your partner a bit closer again, look no further. There are many reasons it could have happened, but you should never disregard the importance of physical touch and comfort – it might just be one of the only things that save you. 

Now, when we say physical intimacy we’re not just talking about holding each other close, but also about being comfortable together and finding mutual ground that works for you both. Before you start working on your sleeping habit though, make sure that you’re both sleeping on the right kind of mattress, and that it’s durable and supportive enough. In its definition of mattress for couples, Shape says that “The perfect mattress for co-sleeping will also have enough support to keep your spines aligned and provide pressure relief.” 

And if you’re sure it’s not the mattress that’s causing trouble in paradise, keep reading! 


Sleeping like this means that you and your partner have both managed to create a safe and nurturing environment for each other. That you enjoy supporting the other and are always there when one needs the extra support. 

Many people have a preference for whether they want to be the little spoon or the big spoon, but anything’s fine as long as you’re getting that good ol’ skin to skin contact through the night.

Work on building trust, respect, and a loving relationship with your partner – enough so they can trust you with their eyes closed. 

The Leg Hug 

If you love your own space and so does your partner, this may be the perfect way to make sure there isn’t too much space – especially when there doesn’t have to be. Sleep how you feel comfortable but with your legs touching. You’ll still feel intimate to your partner, like they’re still close but with the freedom to move about at night and sleep how you want to. 

Don’t underestimate this time for unconscious bonding, and be affectionate and open with each other while you sleep, just like you’d try to be during the day. Who knows, it might just ignite some passion between you two. 

The Grab 

If you both like to sleep in different positions, you can simply hold hands or touch each other if you want to. We’re not saying it’s a requirement, but who doesn’t like to have their partner close by, right? 

This sleep position once again gives you a lot of room to toss and turn and be your own person while you sleep but reassures you both of your presence in the bed. No matter what you’re up to, you’ll still be around each other. 

Sleeping Separately 

Sometimes, forcing yourself to sleep together and be affectionate when you don’t want to be doesn’t work. Okay, it doesn’t work most of the time. Maybe you’re both just not the kind of couple who sleeps together, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you have different natural rhythms, or if you just don’t like sharing your bed, you might be getting worse sleep than usual with another person there. In that case, sleeping separately can improve your overall mood. 

Once your own mood improves and so does your partner’s, you’ll notice your life (and your relationship) improving on its own.

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