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How to Prepare Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning for CAT 2021-22?

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Are you preparing for CAT 2021-22 exam? Lakhs of students who wish to enrol in a good MBA college appear for the CAT exams. Since the test is conducted nationwide, the competition is extremely high. Getting a high rank in CAT is not easy. 

It requires dedication and losing out on hours of sleep to get a desirable rank. Today we will be guiding you on how to prepare for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning for CAT 2021-22 exam

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning topics form the second part of the CAT questions papers. Questions are not asked separately for LR and DI instead these two are clubbed together and are considered to be just one section. 

This section has been dubbed as the mood spoiler section of CAT by mane students who have taken the CAT exam because of the difficulty of the question. But the good thing is the number of questions for this section has been reduced to 24 this year.

Data interpretation is one of the many skills that are highly demanded by corporate clients. It is not considered to be a part of mathematics because it does not have any formula nor does it have any theory.  It is highly important for business aspirants to develop the skills of organising data in a structured manner and to be able to analyse data quickly. 

The DI questions in CAT mostly include different types of graphs and charts. You may also find smaller cases which are nothing but a paragraph that has a lot of numerical data which you have to sort and provide a structure to it.

Preparation plan for Data Interpretation 

  • Mental calculation 

Although you are allowed to bring in a calculator to the CAT exam centres, you cannot depend entirely on it. Being able to do a quick mental calculation will be to your advantage to finishing the paper way before time. 

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Continue doing mental calculation and try to avoid using calculators as much as you can. It is recommended that you avoid using the calculator for at least three months. This way you will be able to strengthen your mental calculation skills. 

Practice basic mental calculation. Focus on addition, substruction, division and multiplication tables. You should learn the multiplication tables to 20 at least. It will also be wise to memorize the square and cube roots. 

  • Approximation skills

When you are solving data interpretation questions, you should not focus on finding the right answer, you should be focusing on finding the right option. Options play a significant role in DI. 

Do not rush. Instead, read the question and thoroughly understand what it wants from you. Then after that, you look at the options and find the best way possible to get the answer from the graphs or the charts. Here finding the correct method is more important than anything.

Regularly practice solving DI questions. You can find several free mock tests online to practise on or you can take a coaching class. But you have to motivate yourself to practice for at least five hours a day. 

Preparation plan for Logical Reasoning 

Solving logical reasoning questions in CAT requires a sharp mind and basic common sense to solve the various puzzles. The puzzle can be quite tricky at times but few questions make an appearance almost every year. CAT usually prefers sets, and if you practice these sets regularly you will be able to find a familiar one when you sit for the exam.

Some of the common types of LR sets include blood relation, coding and decoding, visual cubes, directions, decision making and series. 

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The preparation plan for logical reasoning involves two stages: 

  • Get the correct answers

No matter how brilliant you are, your first attempt at solving the LR questions may not be successful. Do not be dejected, because the bests of the best face failure in their first attempt, you are not the only one. 

Solving the LR questions requires practice, a lot of practice. As you keep solving puzzles you will realise the patterns and it will become easier for you to crack them. Your first step would be to practice hard to at least get the correct answers. If you do not get the correct answer, go back and try again. 

  • Getting the right answers quickly

The most important thing to cracking CAT or rather any competitive exam is speed. The faster you are, the more chances of getting a higher rank and you cannot get that speed without putting in countless hours to practice. 

After you start getting the answers correct try finding out ways you can work the problem quickly so that you can move onto the other sections of the paper and do not end up spending too much time on just the LR part.

There is no shortcut to arriving at the second stage. You have to practice as much as you can. 

Do note that the Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT can be extremely time-consuming especially the logical reasoning part. Hence you are advised to practice solving puzzles at least 5 hours a day. CAT often produces extremely tricky and time-consuming LR questions, so are prepared. 

Additional tips for cracking the CAT exam

The above preparation will help you get started on the right foot, but you need additional resources to practice. You may need to buy several books and practice CAT mock tests. 

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Since the pandemic isn’t ending anytime soon, students can now enrol in any CAT coaching e-learning program online and get some extra guidance on how to solve these questions. You can also find several free CAT mock tests and previous CAT exam papers online. Going through the previous years’ exam papers will give you an idea about what questions to expect and the pattern of the question paper. 

Although you will be losing plenty of sleep while you are preparing, make sure that you are well rested before the D-Day. Being exhausted can put too much stress on your body and mind and you may find it difficult to concentrate or recall the information needed to solve the problems. In the worst-case scenario, you may become completely blank. To avoid such situations, get 8 hours of sleep, and drink plenty of water so that you are well hydrated.

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