Longino & Cardenal: What makes this brand a great success in caviar?

Longino & Cardenal: What makes this brand a great success in caviar?

For centuries caviar was a symbol of wealth. Today, all this sophistication still prevails. With Longino & Cardenal there are several types that are consumed in different parts of the world and that delight all palates.

Discover the difference of having this brand in ceremonies, anniversaries, and special dates, or even combine it with your favorite dishes giving an improved flavor.

Dedication and technique throughout the process

Since 1988 when it was founded, Longino & Cardenal has always been present in the high-quality standards in the export of caviar. Obtained “number 1” license – IT0001 – as the first Caviar Repackaging Facility in Italy.

Until the present day, the process of caring for sturgeon, the fish that produces caviar, has had several improvements in breeding and also in the variation of sizes and flavors of eggs.

There are more than 1,800 first-line products, which are taken to the world by more than 70 partners to be able to deliver the great demand for a high profile of operators. It has around 4,500 customers in Italy alone, of which 80% are Michelin-starred restaurants.

All management is carried out with high-level professionals, from partnerships with Michelin stars to logistics, where unsold goods represent 0.6% of turnover.

Discover some of the Caviar options from this renowned brand:

Beluga caviar

It is one of the most sought-after of all caviars, coming from the Huso Huso species. It has its pearly color and metallic gray. They are smooth and shiny, with a diameter greater than 3.5 mm and a very thin eggshell. It is chosen for those who love a full-bodied and creamy taste.

Asetra caviar

This caviar is taken from the Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, the female can reach up to 20 kg and produces an average of 10 to 15% of her caviar. Has colors ranging from dark gray to pearl. It has a mild flavor and looks like a delicate hazelnut flavor.

Kaluga Amur Caviar

Kaluga Amur is one of the favorite options and comes from a species that has a cross between a female Huso Dauricus and a male Acipenser Schrenckii. With their light green tones and large, crispy eggs, they are for those who want an experience with a creamy flavor and long persistence in the mouth.

Baikal caviar

Baikal comes from the sturgeon Acipenser Baerii, it has a dark coloration, almost black in color. For those who want to honor a stronger flavor, this is the most suitable, which combined with other ingredients to further enhance the tasting.

What dishes can caviar be used with?

For those who want an easy and tasty recipe, eggs stuffed with red caviar and cheese can be made. With the eggs without the yolk, you can taste the taste of caviar in a simple way.

For those who already love pasta, it is possible to combine pancakes with caviar. Pancakes cut into pieces along with cream cheese, you can feel a creamy and soft taste to taste.

For lovers of fish and Japanese food, it is possible to create dishes with salmon and caviar. The salmon is rolled into thin slices, add butter to each slice and garnish with chives on each roll.

Combine the different variations of Longino & Cardenal products and consume the best and most sophisticated caviar in all the special moments of your life and with those you love.