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Local Digital Marketing Importance to Reach Your Customer in Your Area

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Digital marketing isn’t always global, neither should it be. Global marketing is now gradually making way for local marketing, thanks to a change in customers’ attitude, behaviour and expectations.

Think with Google (2019) reports a whopping 250% growth in “store open near me” searches and 200% growth in “near me” searches. Over 46% of buyers confirmed the store’s inventory online before visiting it. Another research suggests 90% of shopper rely on the internet to locate a local business. Over 33% of shoppers venture online each day to search for local businesses.

The stats make one thing clear. A significant number of buyers are looking for local businesses online to search, review, and buy. A strong online presence is existentially useful for all businesses, small or big. Failing this, they’ll lose business to a more prepared competitor. As any digital marketing agency in Chennai will tell you, local marketing is an assured way to establish a digital presence and tap into local customers for business gains. If you are Interested to improve your ranking and want someone to help you in graphics work then seo group buy is the best choice for you.

What is local marketing?

Global digital marketing is all about targeting audiences internationally through digital mediums and means. On the other hand, local digital marketing involves reaching out to customers living within a small area, say in a radius of 100 kilometres of your business location. All the planning and execution is targeted at local searches for a localized impact. Location-based marketing, neighbourhood marketing, local store marketing, or local marketing, all mean the same.

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Local marketing is shorthand for a set of marketing strategies, such as:

  1. Localized SEO:

Local SEO is just like SEO but localized in approach. You are optimizing your website for the target audience in your local area. The aim is to achieve organic rankings for those typical “near me” queries perpetrated by your local audience. Your digital marketing agency will insist on placing an appropriate Local Business Schema mark-up on your website, creating local landing pages, writing content for local consumption and listing on My Business Account.

  1. Rebranding:

Incorporating rebranding in the overall local marketing mix is commonplace. Rebranding helps you give a fresh, trendy look and feel to your business. That results in striking a chord with new audiences, strengthening the bottom line, and revealing fresh objectives, ethos, and values.

  1. Pay-per-click:

Pay-per-click is exactly what it means, placing a paid ad on Google and paying for the number of clicks it achieves. The idea is to generate more qualified leads and sales. In local marketing, the PPC is targeted at the most searched queries in a given geographical location.

  1. Social Media Marketing:

Local SMM is all about leveraging social media to drive customer engagement, brand building, conversions, and sales. Given the sheer diversity of social channels, SMM has to be all-inclusive.

  1. Testimonials:

The tried and tested “word of mouth” promotions can help you build the trust factor. Buyers often review your business and products before buying. Testimonials can divert them to you.

Now that you know what Local marketing is, it’s time to know why it matters.

  1. It’s Effective for All:
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Localized marketing works well for restaurants, spas, clinics, bars, and any other business with a physical storefront. But it’s equally effective for businesses with a national and international footing looking to strengthen their presence in a given area. Take, for instance, Nike’s “Nothing Beats a Londoner” campaign that upped searches for Nike products by a stunning 93%.

  1. Attracts Footfall:

Even though a majority of your sales happen at a physical location, localized marketing can bring customers in the door. The focus is on letting your target audience know where you are located, what you deal in, what’s in stock, what are your opening and closing hours and more. More inquiries translate to higher footfall, better conversions and a hike in sales and profits.

  1. Local Solutions for Local Searches:

Local searches were growing gradually in recent years. Come 2020, the lockdown made them go through the roof. Buyers are now increasingly favouring locally-produced products for some obvious reasons. The digital marketing services in Chennai would adopt a local approach to marketing to make you visible where local people are looking for local solutions.

  1. Quicker and Better Market Penetration:

Location-based marketing is highly specific and personalized. As it gives you direct access to your customers, you are aware of their searching and buying behaviours, the channels they use, and other key information. When you know so much, your marketing strategy gets more efficient and result-oriented, helping you penetrate the market, quickly and effectively.

  1. Drive Customer Satisfaction:

It’s easy and economical to sell to an existing customer than to attract a new one. With a local approach to marketing, you know what your target audiences are looking for and where. With this in mind, developing an Omni-channel approach and tailoring experiences to each client is easy. When your customers are treated right, they keep returning to you for more.

  1. Helps Humanize Your Brand:
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Local marketing involves your brand’s integration with the community. You could be sponsoring local events, championing local causes, implementing local promotions, and more. As the digital marketing services in Chennai will tell you, all this goes into humanizing your brand.




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