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It Is Not Easy To Manage Fertility With Kidney Diseases-These Tips Can Help

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It will be a difficult situation if you have both pregnancies with kidney disease. With kidney-related issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. the fertility of women deteriorates. Females can have more complications with pregnancy and in the delivery, process including preeclampsia and imbalance in fetal growth.

But being a mother is a dream of every woman, and kidney disease can’t take that dream away. If you have kidney problems, consult with the best fertility clinic that can carefully handle your case. Aastha Fertility, have a specialized, experienced team of doctors that includes nephrologists with maternal-fetal medicine, commonly known as MFM doctors. They are capable of managing these cases in different ways according to the patient’s needs.


Kidney Diseases & Pregnancy: Important Cases and Tips

Here are some of the chances of kidney disease that can cause complications during pregnancy.

Case 1 # When a patient has kidney disease before getting pregnant.

Kidney conditions can create some major complications for both mother and fetal. Such as it may cause preterm birth or maybe loss of pregnancy.

Due to kidney disease, some patients may have high blood pressure and lower vitamin D directly impacting fetal growth.

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A patient faces more challenges when she goes through the dialysis process. Some biological changes will happen during the dialysis period, Such as changes in your ovulation or alterations in your menstrual cycle.

Some emotional changes are also there. Such as not feeling attractive, not having a mood for sex, etc.

Tips To Help:

For all these reasons, nephrologists and MFM mutually help you recover red blood cells, increase vitamin D, and balanced blood pressure with blood sugar. So a perfect balanced body is an ideal condition to conceive a baby.

Case 2# When the patient has gone through a kidney transplant.

A kidney transplant is a critical operation, and it is more problematic for a female body. During this kidney transplant, we change the patient’s daily eating routine. The patient’s body also takes time to manage the new organ. So that we advise all the women to wait at least one or two years to conceive after a kidney transplant. If your Kidney functions properly after the transplant and has a lower chance of organ rejection, you can develop safely with proper medical advice.

Tip To help:

The patients after kidney transplants give better results than the pregnant patient during the dialysis period. For both issues, you have to visit our gynecologist regularly, and they can help with diet plans, exercises, and therapies to manage the fertility treatment process.

For all kinds of kidney diseases, the patient has to take a lot of medicines and injections. Some of them are safe when you take them during your pregnancy, but some of the drugs can cause pregnancy complications.

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Case 3 # The patient has kidney-related complications

Some other kidney-related issues that hamper fertility:


This infection will come without any noticeable symptoms, and it can also be a part of a kidney infection.

Tips: If it happens to you, you need to take a proper hospitalization with the therapy of IV antibiotics.

Kidney stones:

Pregnancy does not affect the chance of developing kidney stones. However, the dilatation of the urethra that develops during pregnancy may make passing stones simpler.

Tips: Hydration and over-the-counter pain medication are often used to treat this condition.


When your Kidney works slowly, there is a fear of blood pressure rising. It may be a cause of preterm birth. The only sign is a huge amount of protein in your urine. So our medical team will check it regularly.

Tips: Patients have to monitor their urine so many times till the end of pregnancy.

Some More Tips from Experts at Aastha Fertility for A Safe Pregnancy With Kidney Diseases

  • Check the patient’s blood pressure regularly. Sometimes we suggest taking aspirin therapy if there is an issue with Blood pressure level.
  • Regular check on both mother’s health condition and fetal growth.
  • They recommend delivering your kid early or having a C-section if there appears to be a problem with their growth or health.

Final Say

If you face kidney problems and want to conceive, these tips can help you sail through these challenging times. Together, we can overcome your obstacles and provide you with the information you need to make educated pregnancy choices.

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