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Importance of Professional Development for Teachers

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Importance of Preparing for an Effective Interview With Your Strategic development Plan

Preliminary evaluation or approval of technical development plan. Once their skills development plan has been developed, the teacher meets with the principal or a group of teachers assigned to present and discuss their plans.

Teacher Development, Monitoring, and Evaluation:

  • A teacher employed by a school principal or ECS operator:
  •  must submit for review or approval at the time specified in the document that the annual professional skills development plan to:
  • chief
  • a group of teachers is sent by the principal if such an assignment is given in the document.

A teacher employed by a school principal or youth manager:

(c) must submit for review or approval, by the date specified in the document, his or her annual professional development plan: (i) to the senior, or (ii) to a group of educators nominated by the supervisor, if so appointed. possible under policy.

The law school says the following:

  • It is the need for a teacher to submit their professional development plan to the principal for review or approval.
  • The ability of an adult to evaluate or approve a teacher’s professional development plan for a group of teachers, such as a school professional development team, leadership team, or professional teaching team (group teaching one course or grade).
  • It is time for the transfer of the professional development plan, its evaluation, and approval.
  • The penalty for failing to provide a plan for annual professional development is in line with policy.

The objectives of the evaluation program are to:

  • Give the teacher strength during the assessment.
  • Encourage professional reflection and collaborative discussion.
  • Combine the promotion of professionalism to an improved standard and the Teaching of Quality (the Standard).
  • Discuss the support needed to drive future professional development.
  • Discuss the role of the facilitator in achieving the goals of the school with the school board.
  • Encourage college mode for professional development.
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During the reading and approval of the program, the facilitator should:

  • Get ready to read.
  • Lead a conversation (after all, his plan for professional development).
  • Give a reason for the goals and strategies stored in the plan.
  • Guide the facilitator by emphasizing the key components of the program.
  • Identify resources that can better support a professional development plan.
  • During the reading and approval, the facilitator must:

Based on the observations, ask the teacher some reflection questions (for example, We discussed your evaluation of the learning task within our last discussion. Do you, and do you plan to put it into your schedule at some point?”)

Ask thoughtful, non-judgmental questions.

Ask thought-provoking questions.

Help identify the resources needed to implement a Professional Development  for Teachers plan. Be like the special friend.

The implementation of the plan

This plan leads to the development of skills, without having to have a recipe to follow step by step, no matter what. It is good to think of it as a request that requires careful consideration and thoughtfulness and that you should ask yourself some questions: Does this system work? Does it change into a change? Should the plan be amended? Have I underestimated the value of the material?


Record events and gather evidence as you go, using portfolios and imaginary journals. Do not forget the fact that change and progress toward your goal take time and that the outcome may be delayed.


Keep the manager or supervisor informed of the level of activity and any major changes to the plan. This remains a teacher’s plan, but the principal or supervisor should help make it. Before changing the skills development plan, the teacher should discuss the situation with the principal or supervisor.

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At the practical level, the teacher should:

Identify the resources (financial and human) needed to make a growth plan.

Be sure, if necessary, to support in the spirit of cooperation.

Plan events involving other people or need to be approved in advance.

Find jobs and resources that support the program.

Know and follow school and board rules and administrative procedures.

Write down its movements and the steps used to indicate the next step.

Inform the manager of any changes, problems encountered, and current successes.

Indicate the start and schedule a review session at the end of the year.


In the process, the leader must:

  • Help teachers create their own skills development plan.
  • Gather section information.
  • Identify the learning needs of all teachers in the school and keep them informed through the tools, opportunities for professional development, and issues of development in their area of ​​professional development.
  • Get to know the main role that each teacher plays, their commitment, and their success.

In action, here is the role of your peers and co-workers:

  • The Professional Development Committee should support all educators in implementing their professional development plan.
  • The facilitator should be aware of the teachers’ goals and help them achieve them.
  • The leader of the professional training team should work closely with the professional development committee and all the teachers to plan for the development opportunities of the staff.
  • It is good for coaches, critical friends, and co-workers to be aware of their cooperative growth programs so that they can contribute to their professional learning.
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