How to Improve Your Independence

How to Improve Your Independence

Most of us like to believe that we are fully independent; however, the reality is that we can become heavily reliant on our family, partner, or friends to the point that it can influence our choices and opinions. Having independence ultimately allows you to have greater control over your life without feeling as though you need external support to constantly make positive things happen. By becoming more self-aware, you may find you can discover solutions to your problems and simply live much happier knowing you have the freedom to do as you please. In this guide, we’re going to look at some top tips on how to improve your independence:

1. Become more assertive

It can be hard to say ‘no’ at times, so you may be forced into situations that you don’t want to do. Others will then start to take it for granted that you will always do as you please, regardless of your own commitments. However, being independent is understanding your limits and speaking up for yourself when necessary. When you put other people’s demands before your own, it’s easy to sidetrack the need to take care of yourself to the point that you’ll never have the ability to take control of your own life. Instead, aim to be more assertive with your viewpoints and focus on your own needs to help improve your independence.

2. Learn to drive

Getting around can be difficult without being able to drive. While you may use public transport to get from A to B, you’re never in full control of when to arrive or leave due to adhering to allocated times. By driving, you’ll have a much better scope of jobs, and you’ll be able to travel to more remote locations which aren’t covered by public transport. Driving is a lifetime skill, and the earlier you start, the more skilled and responsible you will become over time. Owning a car doesn’t have to be expensive. You can browse hundreds of used cars via a car supermarket to find the best prices that meet your budget.

3. Take control of your finances

Being aware of your financial situation is crucial to living a stress-free and comfortable life. Unfortunately, many people fail to set up a monthly budget, which helps them understand how much disposable income they can freely spend without falling into a spiral of debt. Of course, it would be wise to speak to a financial advisor if you doubt how much you can contentedly spend each month, but there are plenty of free resources online in which you can seek financial guidance. 

4. Gain an understanding of your values and aspirations 

When was the last time you truly had time to yourself without being distracted by your phone or the television? Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are constantly stimulated by technology which has caused the human attention span to become gradually shorter. Living in a digital bubble ultimately refrains us from giving our minds a rest and having a moment of self-reflection. Instead of constantly distracting your mind from the present moment, take a step back and allow your mind to wander – truly get to know yourself. This could be achieved through yoga, a daily walk, or writing a journal. In doing so, you’re more likely to understand your values and aspirations for the future.

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