Twitch is a video gaming platform that was first released in 2011. Initially intended for streaming video games, Twitch has become one of the most popular streaming platforms globally. Twitch allows a very intimate space for a streamer to interact with their viewers, and a viewer can follow their favorite streamer to stay up to date.

There’s also a concept of subscribers on twitch that costs you real money, but you can support them financially from subbing to a streamer as it is the only way they earn money. Subscribing also gives you extra perks that let you have an even closer bounding to a streamer like loyalty badges, private discord sessions, sub-only emotes, etc.

Twitch basic user statistics 

As mentioned earlier, when twitch was first released in 2011, it had over 3.2 million users per month, which is quite impressive considering the fact that it was 2011. The internet wasn’t available to everyone. Still, twitch managed to hit a critical landmark.

As of now, in 2021, twitch has over 140 million monthly active users (MAU’S). MAU is a parameter that generally refers to the unique amount of users twitch receives in a month.

Concurrently, there are over 9.2 million streamers on twitch globally.

There’s another parameter also by which twitch users can be determined. DAU (daily active users) refers to the daily amount of unusual users that twitch receives. There are above 26.5 daily active users of twitch that is a vast number. Even in a country like the USA, twitch has a more extensive user base than Youtube gaming which is an achievement on its own. Overall, twitch has 140 million different visitors per month.

Games like counter strike global offensive and dota 2 are the most watched twitch streaming niches of all time. As the number of gamers are increasing the number of users watching those streams are also increasing and thus it all together contributes to the growth of users on twitch.


Followerspanda: the boost your twitch channel needs 

As per the data mentioned above, twitch has over 9.2 million channels globally, but the harsh thing about this is that most of the channels face difficulty to cross even a landmark of 100 followers. Even after having such a vast user base, growing on twitch is very hard. To solve this specific issue, you can buy twitch followers.

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Also, as your followers, these real people will act as an organic audience to attract attention to your channel. Followerspanda has different variety of plans at very considerable prices so that you can take benefit of these services to their full extent.


With twitch proliferating, it is not hard to say that it will reach further heights in the coming years. From a streamers’ point of view, it is an excellent opportunity to grow. To grow at a steady pace, Followerspanda is a fantastic website to visit that will help you by providing organic followers in a considerable amount of time.

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